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The best free 3D printing online courses

3D printing can be a quite complicated concept to grasp. To help people get a better understanding of the basics of 3D printing and its general principles, there are many online courses about 3D printing available for all. These online courses, trainings and MOOCs... read more

The best 3D printing services

UPDATE: we have released our list of the best 3D printers with meta-rating calculated using ratings from four reliable sources (3D Hubs, Pinshape, Amazon and Make). Find out which are the 20 top rated 3D printers currently on the market! __________________ 3D printing... read more

4 fails by major 3D printing companies

3D printing can be a tough industry and companies, no matter their size, sometimes make big mistakes. From the outside, it’s sometimes hard to understand how they manage to fail when it seems they have all it takes to succeed. We’ve selected 4 of the most... read more

The best podcasts about 3D printing

Podcasts are great. They’ve been around for a long time and the popularity of this medium is still on the rise in 2016. An increasing number of content producers are turning to podcasting to reach their audience, especially on niche topics such as 3D printing. We’re... read more

The Gold Rush: Are Giant Companies Taking Over 3D Printing?

First it was Autodesk with its own Ember 3D printer, then HP making a disruptive announcement in late 2014. After that Ricoh and Canon presented their own powder and resin based 3D printers. Now Polaroid launched its own desktop machine, with Apple and Google investing heavily both in 3D scanning and rapid, full color, 3D printing technologies. Microsoft, with its Hololens, is not far behind.

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Welcome to the new Aniwaa

We’re Pierre-Antoine and Martin, two childhood friends from France, passionate with 3D printing. We started Aniwaa in 2012 as a side project, and left our jobs last year to take it to the next level. Today, we’re super excited to launch our new website,... read more