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The 11 best all in one (AIO) 3D printers in 2017

What are the best all-in-one 3D printers in 2017? All-in-one 3D printers are basically 3D printers which include additional fabrication technologies, besides 3D printing. Just like smartphones have evolved to powerful devices which can shoot HD videos and browse the web, some 3D printers are now multi-functional machines that can... read more

15 great back-to-school 3D printable files

3D printing is a relatively new technology that has many uses; from industrial use like 3D printing parts for the aviation industry, to home-use, where 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists can 3D print several objects for personal use. There are many 3D printing technologies with the three main being... read more

Makerbot unveils two new desktop 3D printers: the Makerbot Replicator+ and the Replicator Mini+

Makerbot, a Stratasys brand, has announced yesterday the launch of two new versions of their famous Replicator desktop 3D printers. The famous 3D printer manufacturer from Brooklyn, USA has unveiled the Makerbot Replicator+ and the Makerbot Replicator Mini+. This is the 6th Generation of the famous Replicator line. Those two desktop... read more