NGen 3.00mm ColorFabb - 3D printing filament

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Basic specs

Manufacturer ColorFabb
Material -
Weight 0.75 kg 1.65 lbs
$/kg 52.3 €/kg 47.93 ¥/kg 5,835.90 £/kg 40.52
$/lbs 23.73 €/lbs 21.74 ¥/lbs 2,647.12 £/lbs 18.38
Diameter 3 mm
Print temperature 220-240°C
Heated build platform Required
Features Generic
Color Black
35 €$ 3930 £4,376 ¥
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NGen 3.00mm review

ColorFabb NGen 3mm 3D filament is made from Amphor AM3300 polymer made by Eastman Chemical Company.

ColorFabb NGen 3mm uses specific colorFabb color concentrates for offering a good opaque quality and the highest possible brightness.