PolyWood 1.75mm Polymaker - 3D printing filament

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Basic specs

Manufacturer Polymaker
Material PLA, wood
Weight 0.30 kg 0.66 lbs
$/kg 119.97 €/kg 109.94 ¥/kg 13,385.28 £/kg 92.93
$/lbs 54.42 €/lbs 49.87 ¥/lbs 6,071.46 £/lbs 42.15
Diameter 1.75 mm
Print temperature 220 - 235°C
Heated build platform Not required
Features Generic
Color Brown
32 €$ 3527 £4,015 ¥
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PolyWood 1.75mm review

Polymaker PolyWood 1.75mm is 3D filament developed by Polymaker.

Instead of using wood to mimic wood, Polymaker developed a unique foaming technology to deliver a material that mimics wood structurally.