EinScan-SP (Platinum) Shining 3D Featured - 3D scanner

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Basic specs

Manufacturer Shining 3D
Category Desktop
Technology Structured light
Output formats ASC, OBJ, PLY, STL
Max. resolution 0.17 mm 0.00669 in
Features Texture/Colors
Rotating table
2 106 €$ 2,2991,780 £256,510 ¥
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EinScan-SP (Platinum) review

The EinScan-SP (Platinum) is a desktop 3D scanner made by Chinese manufacturer Shining 3D. The EinScan-SP is a cost-effective desktop 3D scanner for professional use. It was launched in April 2017 as the new version of the EinScan-S, the acclaimed desktop 3D scanner. With its upgraded functionalities and improved performance, the EinScan-SP is designed for professional applications, from reverse engineering to product design or cultural heritage preservation.

EinScan-SP overview

The EinScan-SP is a powerful desktop 3D scanner targeting prosumers. It is designed to capture the geometry of small to medium size objects in three dimensions. The EinScan-SP uses the structured light technology and offers two 3D capture modes: Fixed Scan and Auto Scan. The Auto Scan mode is based on a turntable with markers, automatically operated, to capture object from a 360° angle. It is a versatile and fast 3D scanner, suitable for a wide range of professional applications and offering a high quality.

EinScan-SP features

  • Fast: the EinScan-SP takes only 4s to complete a single 3D scan, and can achieve a full 360° scan under one minute with its turntable.

  • High-quality scans: this 3D scanner is capable of capturing fine details with a high resolution (0.17mm points distance) and offers an accuracy of 0.05 mm.

  • High precision alignements: the EinScan-SP offer several calibration and alignement options in order to obtain optimal quality scans. This scanner is delivered with markers to be positioned on the objects to be captured, its turntable also comes with built-in markers to allow for a greater precision when using the Auto Scan mode.

  • Easy-to-use: the EinScan-SP is easy to set up and does not require calibration. Besides, its software includes an interesting auto alignement feature and a one-click scanning option.

EinScan SP vs EinScan SE

Shining 3D released a more affordable version of this 3D scanner called the EinScan-SE (Elite). The main differences between these 2 models are :

  • Higher accuracy: the SP version offers a 0.05mm accuracy while the SE has a 0.1mm accuracy only.

  • Larger scan volume: with the EinScan-SP it is possible to capture areas up to 1200 x 1200 x 1200 mm in Fixed Scan mode, against a maximum scan volume of 700 x 700 x 700 mm with the EinScan-SE.

  • Faster scan speed: the SP version allows to scan faster, with only 4s to capture an object in Fixed Scan mode and under 1 minute using the Auto Scan mode for a 360° scan using the automatic turntable.

  • Alignement options with markers: the 3D scanner comes with a set of markers to be positioned on the object. The turntable also has markers on it, thus allowing for greater precision alignements (the EinScan-SE only offers manual alignement).

EinScan-SP price

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Model EinScan-SP (Platinum)
Manufacturer Shining 3D
Price € 2 107 ¥ 256,511 £ 1,781 $ 2,299
Status available
Category Desktop
Technology Structured light
Output formats ASC, OBJ, PLY, STL
OS compatibility Windows
Max. resolution 0.17 mm 0.00669 in
Max. accuracy 0.05 mm 0.00197 in
Acquisition speed -
Camera resolution 1.3 MP
Working range 0.29 - 0.48 m 11.417 - 18.898 in
Scanning area (near) 30 x 30 mm 1.181 x 1.181 in
Scanning area (far) 1200 x 1200 mm 47.244 x 47.244 in
Dimensions 570 x 210 x 210 mm 22.44 x 8.27 x 8.27 in
Weight 4.2 kg 9.26 lbs
Power input 50W, 12V
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printer
SD card