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15 great back-to-school 3D printable files

3D printing is a relatively new technology that has many uses; from industrial use like 3D printing parts for the aviation industry, to home-use, where 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists can 3D print several objects for personal use. There are many 3D printing technologies with the three main being extrusion, resin and powder. Extrusion which is the most common and cheapest 3D printing technology is often used by hobbyists and enthusiasts who wish to 3D print simple objects.

Since the new school year is just around the corner we decided to put together a list of 15 great back-to-school 3D printable files that can be 3D printed using the extrusion technology. These objects can be 3D printed at home with simple desktop 3D printers and have different uses.  

The list for back to school 3D printing was divided into five categories and features STL files from five different websites including Thingiverse, Pinshape, MyMiniFactoryGrabCAD and Cults.

3D models of pencil holders

Pencil holders are a great way for students to organize their pen and pencils. We gathered 3 pencil holders that we think students will like and want to 3D print.

3D-print-back-to-school-baby-groot-pencil-holderBaby Groot pencil holder

 Who remembers the iconic opening sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 where baby Groot dances to Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr. Blue Sky while the guardians fight a giant alien?

Get it on Thingiverse  Designed by Caleb6543


3D-printable-back-to-school-pencil-holderDarth Vader pencil holder


Luke, I am your father! One of the most iconic movie characters is now available as a pencil holder.

Get it on MyMiniFactory Designed by Stephanie Piper ( Twitter: @sjpiper145)


 T-Rex pencil holder

For those who like dinosaurs, the T-Rex head pencil holder is a great way to store your pen and pencils when in class.


Get it on Thingiverse  Designed by paper_faces


Science and math supplies to 3D print

Science and math supplies are an arrow in every student’s quiver. These back to school 3D print designs can be printed by almost any desktop 3D printer.

3D-print-back-to-school-ruler20 cm ruler with shapes

This 3D printable ruler features various shapes such as a triangle and a circle for students to draw.


Get it on Cults  Designed by HUGO ( co-founder of Cults)


3D-print-back-to-school-drafting-setDrafting set

This drafting set includes everything. A protractor, a compass, a ruler and a pencil case.


Get it on Thingiverse  Designed by asbeg


3D-print-back-to-school-math-spinnerMath spinner

The math spinner is ideal for students who are just learning the multiplication table or want to practice it on the go.

Get it on Pinshape  Designed by christina ( Twitter: @christinachun)



Just like the math spinner, the math-tube is ideal for students who want to practice on their adding and subtracting skills.


Get it on Cults Designed by DIWOBQ


3D printable games and gadgets

Why not have some fun in school with this 3D printable games and gadgets?

3D-print-back-to-school-test-oblierator Test Obliterator

Never again look for another pencil thanks to the test obliterator 

Get it on Thingiverse Designed by coolarj10 ( Twitter: @coolarj10)


Desktop basketball3D-print-back-to-school-basketball-set

Become the new Steph Curry with this desktop basketball. Who can beat 90% in free throws?

Get it on Thingiverse  Designed by SometimesCake


3D-print-back-to-achool-lightsaber-pencil-extenderLightsaber pencil extender

Become Luke Skywalker with this 3D printable lightsaber pencil extender.  


Get it on Cults  Designed by tokytome ( Twitter: @TokyToMe)


Lunch box STL files

The 3D printable lunch boxes featured below, are ideal for students who want to show off their 3D printing skills in the school cafeteria.

3D-print-back-to-school-lunch-box-setLunch box and water bottle  

This lunch box set includes a water bottle and has a compartment for a spoon and fork.

Get it on GrabCAD  Designed by steven ind


3D-print-back-to-school-lunch-boxSmall lunch box

The small lunch box features a doubled layer metal body and a magnetic attachable flatware on top for cutlery.

Get it on GrabCAD  Designed by Mahbub


3D-print-back-to-school-makerbot-lunch-boxMakerBot lunch box

This MakerBot lunch box has enough space for a sandwich and a juice-box.

Get it on Thingiverse  Designed by Mr_MegaTronic ( Twitter: @Mr_MegaTronic)


3D printable school bag accessories

3D-print-back-to-school-bag-clipSchool-bag clip

Almost everyone faced a problem with their backpack due to a broken bag clip. With this STL file there’s no problem. 3D print a replacement clip today.  

Get it on Thingiverse Designed by Proto3000 ( Twitter: @Proto3000_RP)


3D-print-back-to-school-back-pack-hookHook for backpack

Never trip on another backpack again with this 3D printable backpack hook. It can be installed in almost any desk.

Get it on Pinshape  Designed by WallTosh ( Twitter: @WallTosh)

Added bonus!

To all the new wizards who are attending Hogwarts this school year don’t forget! Everyone needs a wand from Ollivander’s on their first day back to school.3D-print-back-to-school-harry-potter-wand

You are a wizard Harry!


Get it on MyMiniFactory



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