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3DPRINTINGBUSINESS.DIRECTORY, a global directory to unite 3D printing businesses

3DPRINTINGBUSINESS.DIRECTORY is a website created in 2016 by Davide Sher, its founder and CEO.

The 3D printing industry is raising a growing interest and it is increasingly difficult to find accurate and accessible information about all the companies of this promising market.

3DPRINTINGBUSINESS.DIRECTORY provides clear and accurate contact and business information about 2,800+ industry players of the 3D printing industry.

Some of the categories of the 3D printing business directory database

Some of the categories of the 3D PRINTING BUSINESS DIRECTORY database.

For an easy access to the database all companies are classified inside 15 main categories. These notably include 500+ 3D printer manufacturers and 800+ 3D printing services, as well as 3D printing material manufacturers, software editors and 3D scanning companies…

Each company listed in the 3D PRINTING BUSINESS DIRECTORY has its own page packed with the most important contact (email, fax, telephone) and geolocation information. Any organisation can claim its page directly from the website and manage the information displayed.

Quoting CEO Davide Sher, “We believe 3D printing is the future and we hope that, by providing the clearest map of 3D printing industry companies and companies that have already implemented 3D printing into their workflow, it will become easier for media, enthusiasts, potential clients and operators themselves, to gather gain awareness as to this new way of making everything.”

Several subscription plans are offered and pricing starts as low as $24.90/year. For an additional fee (up to $249/yr) it is possible to simultaneously list several companies (up to ten) and take advantage of the “featured” option that pushes the information directly on the front page.

Aniwaa is proud to be listed on 3D PRINTING BUSINESS DIRECTORY! No doubt this global directory will keep growing as the 3D printing industry grows, and that it will become a go-to place to find the right companies in this field.

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Pierre-Antoine Arrighi is Aniwaa’s Technical Advisor and co-founder. Based in Paris, France, he is involved with the most important decisions in regards to the company’s overall strategy. He is also the team’s technical expert for all things related to 3D printing and scanning, as well as for virtual and augmented reality. He is also a Manager at French consulting firm kxiop.