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4 accessories to 3D print for your Oculus Go

It didn’t take us long at the office to fall in love with the Oculus Go. It is a great, easy to use and accessible standalone VR headset, accessible to just about anybody. We’ve had a ton of fun using it to explore content and it has also been a great way for us to initiate our friends and family to this exciting new tech.

The Oculus Go has few competitors. Pico Interactive and HTC have put out their own standalone devices; however, they are not as readily available as the Go, nor is the content available for them as rich and plentiful.

Like any tech device, your Oculus Go is going to require some tender love and care. Having several 3D printers around the office, we decided to take to the internet and look for some accessories to 3D print.


A travel case for your Oculus Go you can 3D print at home.

1. 3D print: Oculus Go Travel Case

One of the great things about standalone VR is that you can take your HMD on the go. Whether you are working in a coffee shop or taking a plane to the other side of the world, the Oculus Go can easily fit in your bag. However, just throwing your headset in there is probably not the wisest idea. A little protection is needed.

Here is a travel case design from BlackBanshee you can easily 3D print at home and make sure your Oculus Go is safe and sound when you’re on the…go.


2. 3D print: Oculus Go Lens Cover and Controller Holder

A lens cover for your Oculus Go you can 3D print at home.

The lenses on a VR device are very delicate and unfortunately often exposed to the elements. Even if you are working from your desk, it’s best to protect the lenses, as sunlight can be particularly damaging. A case might not always be practical, especially if you use your device throughout the day.

This lens cover designed by Chimaera is a great fix and includes a holder for the controller.


3. 3D print: Oculus Go Cable Manager


2.5 hours of battery life may be sufficient for some but for the power users among us, it just isn’t enough. The Go can be used while it is charging though. This means dealing with a cable hanging off the side of your device. This is far from optimal and potentially dangerous depending on how immersed you are.

This cable manager designed by Wizulus is an awesome fix. Easy to print and set up, it will make sure the power cable and headphones won’t be a bother during those longer sessions.


4. 3D print: Oculus Go Wall Mount and Controller Stand

This 2 models are great for the neat freaks in us and are a nice compliment to the lens cover.
A tidy desk is a good desk, or so we say at the office. With these designs by freakinpeanuts and thfo, you can be sure you Oculus Go and its controller are stored safely but still ready to use.


Have you designed any useful accessories for the Oculus Go? Let us know what you’ve come up with!

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