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Construction 3D printers for 3D printed houses

3D printing a house: an unfeasible project? That might not be the case anymore. Even if house 3D printing is only at its early stages, it is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more 3D printing manufacturers are already looking into this very promising technology.

But what is house 3D printing?

House printing: how it works

We can make the analogy with regular extrusion 3D printing. Construction 3D printing uses paste-type filament (such as concrete) which goes through a large-format extruder, in order to form layers. So a house 3D printer also uses FFF/FDM technology… but the volume is a bit larger!

The Apis COR construction 3D printer in action.

Thanks to house 3D printing, we can erect buildings faster, with biodegradable materials– an eco-friendly and community-focused opportunity! However, you won’t be able to 3D print your dream house in one go. Plumbing and wiring need to be manually installed.

House 3D printing is still very recent, so it isn’t easy to find relevant information about 3D printed constructions! That’s why, at Aniwaa, we wanted to make it simple for you. Here is our selection of 16 house 3D printers:

There are three categories of 3D printers in our list:

  • House 3D printers
  • Prototypes
  • Services

We also mentioned other 3D printed infrastructures in order to broaden our approach:  

  • Bridges
  • Space stations (!)

It will certainly keep you busy!

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