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Finally: we’re rebooting our 3D filaments comparison engine

We launched the V2 of Aniwaa in October 2015 with a simple goal in mind: to be the world’s most trusted source of knowledge for 3D printing. We’re pretty happy with the job we’ve done so far of building and maintaining the most comprehensive database of 3D printers and 3D scanners on the market.

But something was missing.

Today, we’re excited to officially reboot our 3D filaments comparison engine. Even though this database of consumables for FDM 3D printers was always here, we never had the time to focus on this product category and give filaments the love they deserve.


In the past months, we’ve talked to many of our partners (resellers and manufacturers) and users. We’ve followed closely the 3D printing industry trends and kept our ears to the market by attending 3D printing shows. The conclusion for us is clear: many innovations in FDM 3D printing come from the consumables – namely the 3D filaments – and not from the hardware (the 3D printers). That’s why we’re relaunching our comparison engine for 3D printers filaments. 

Our 3D filaments database is still very much of a work in progress but we wanted to put it out there and improve it based on our users and partners feedback. As a first step, we’ve covered products from some of the industry’s main filament brands and gathered the most important technical information: filament material, spool weight, price/kg for easy price comparison, properties of the filaments, recommended print temperature. We realize we’re missing a bunch of great products. We’re doing our best to increase the number of references in the database, in order to quickly reach a critical number of filaments, thus making this tool even more useful.

In the near future, we’re also going to test and review 3D filaments on our blog. We already received some nice samples from Voltivo and Polymaker, two very promising startups on the 3D printers consumables segment. If you’re a filament manufacturer and would like us to review your product, shoot us an email!

3D filaments

As for now, you can search and compare 161 filaments for 3D printers, and find the right ones for you by using our filters:

– By material: ABS, Carbon, Nylon, HIPS, Metal, Polycarbonate PLA, Stone, TPE, Wood…
Note: we’ve categorized under Metal/Wood the PLA filaments containing a % of metal such as the copperFill or bambooFill from Colorfabb. 

– By diameter: 1.75mm or 3mm (we’ve put the 2.85mm filaments under 3mm)

– By feature: Castable, Conductive, Generic (they’re pretty much all non-proprietary except for he XYZPrinting filaments) , Glow-in-the-dark, Flexible/Soft, Magnetic, Solvable, Transparent …

– By color: so that’s something where we’re NOT up to date yet 🙂 At this point, for most products we’ve only added a listing for 1 color. We will add the full lineups of colors in the coming weeks.

Filament makers: yeah we know it’s a bit awkward to have this filter in the “Feature” category but we really wanted to include these machines which allow you to extrude your own 3D filament for your 3D printer by recylcing pretty much any kind of plastic waste. We will find a better place for these guys soon 🙂

You will certainly notice some mistakes or missing products you’d like to see here. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email with your feedback so we can make this 3D filaments comparison chart work for you. You can reach us on Twitter or at [email protected] and [email protected] We always reply!


Pierre-Antoine & Martin


PS: here are the brands of 3D filaments for 3D printers we cover as of today

> 3DFuel
> BlackMagic3D
> ColorFabb
> Hatchbox
> MadeSolid
> NinjaFlex
> OO-Kuma
> Polymaker
> Proto-Pasta
> Recreus
> SainSmart
> Voltivo
> XYZPrinting
Coming soon: Allprofessional3D, FormFutura, Kobo, MakeShape, Rec, Taulman3D, ESun…

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