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Kreon Technologies 3D scanners and coordinate measuring machines

Kreon Technologies is a 3D scanners and coordinate measuring machines manufacturer based in Limoges, France.

The company is specialized in the production of industrial grade machines for reverse engineering, metrology or quality control applications. Their range of products articulates around two measurement arms (the Baces and the Ace) and powerful 3D scanners based on laser triangulation technology (Solano, Solano Blue, Zephyr II, Zephyr II Blue and Aquilon).

Each product can be configured in several systems and packages (Eco, Pro and Ultimate), each optimized for a specific use case.

The design of the lineup is a success, with gorgeous shapes and colors. Even for industrial products design is a key feature for visibility, ease of use and of course security, hence the success of the famous robots manufacturer KUKA.

Find here our reviews for their most famous systems:
Kreon Technologies Ace 6 Axis
Kreon Technologies Ace 7 Axis – Solano Blue (Pro)
Kreon Technologies Ace 7 Axis – Zephyr II Blue (Ultimate)
Kreon Technologies AirTrack Handheld – Solano Blue
Kreon Technologies AirTrack Robot – Zephyr II Blue

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