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Photocentric Liquid Crystal: affordable SLA 3D printers

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal 3D printer series is made by Photocentric. Photocentric is a 3D printer and 3D printing materials manufacturer. This manufacturer was created in 2002 to develop patented photopolymer applications. Photocentric has two manufacturing sites, one in Peterborough, UK and another in Phoenix, USA.

Photocentric was awarded a United-Kingdom Government Innovate grant in 2013 to develop a new type of 3D printer. Their first was the Liquid Crystal Desktop 3D printer, also known as the Photocentric LC 10″.

An interesting feature of the Liquid Crystal lineup is Photocentric’s proprietary 3D printing technology, DPP (Daylight Polymer Printing). This 3D printing method is similar to SLA (Stereolithography). An LCD screen selectively cures, or solidifies, a liquid resin layer after layer. The material is proprietary Daylight Photopolymer, or Daylight resin. This breakthrough is possible thanks to Photocentric’s unique mastery of liquid resins.

Note: other resin 3D printers usually use a powerful laser beam or a light projector. 

Liquid Crystal lineup

As of October 2016, the Photocentric Liquid Crystal lineup encompasses 3 products, each suiting a specific use case:

  • 10″ (also known as LC 10″)
  • High-Res (also known as LC HR)
  • Pro (also known as LC Pro)

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