Our selection of the best professional desktop SLS 3D printers 🏆

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The 6 best professional desktop SLS 3D printers.
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In the past months, we have noticed a general trend in the 3D printing industry: the rise of professional machines. These 3D printers target professionals 👨‍💼 . They bring to the masses 3D printing technologies formerly restricted to industrial use 👩‍🏭. This is the case for SLS 3D printers (selective laser sintering).

For SLS 3D printers, we have noticed an imerging category: the desktop SLS 3D printers (also called benchtop).  The recent success of the Natural Robotics VIT 3D printer on Kickstarter illustrates this trend. These SLS 3D printers typically have a price range between $5,000 and $10,000, which makes this technology affordable for small companies. Until now SLS 3D printers were complex and expensive industrial machines, targeting large companies only.

Discover our selection of 6 professional SLS 3D printers :

So a question arises: how do SLS 3D printing work 🤔?

Let’s check in together.

SLS 3D printers: how do they work?

A functional, moving part 3D printed with the Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer.
Credit: Sinterit

SLS is an acronym for selective laser sintering. “Sintering” stands for a material solidification (powder) by an input of energy (laser) without fusion process. But let’s summarize the SLS 3D printing steps :

  1. The laser beam is projected on the 3D printer powder vat, which create the 3D printed object’s first layer.
  2. After this first film solidified, the vat goes down to take a second layer of powder.
  3. This second layer of powder, dipped on the top of the first one, is also solidified by the laser, and so on till the end of the 3D print.
  4. The remaining non-solidified powder forms a support structure for the 3D printed model.

6 professional desktop SLS 3D printers

Our article contains detailed (but not too much 😉) explanations about SLS 3D printing, but also a selection of 3D printers, as well as other issues about selective laser sintering technology:

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