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The 10 best cheap 3D printers under $300 in 2017

More and more people want to get a taste of 3D printing at the lowest prices- what are the best 3D printers under $300?

There are many low cost 3D printers, but the majority of them are poorly made and their manufacturers don’t even offer an after-sales customer service. Our goal with this list is to really help you cut through the clutter and save time identifying 10 good 3D printers in this price range below $300. We did a lot of research, although non-extensive, and did not limit ourselves to simply copy-and-pasting Amazon search results as some other websites carelessly do (?).

To be featured in our list, these are the criteria that we used:

  • We check to see if the 3D printer has been reviewed on at least one of our 4 reliable sources (Amazon, 3D Hubs, Pinshape, and Make:) that we index ratings from to calculate the metascore on Aniwaa.
  • We look for general feedback from users and 3DP YouTube channels’ reviews. This is even more relevant when the 3D printer is relatively new on the market and hasn’t yet had the chance to obtain a sufficient number of reviews on the sources we index to calculate the metascore.
  • Moreover we try to assess the 3D printer’s online community and manufacturer after-sales service. These two factors are quite difficult to evaluate and are subjective, but they an important thing to take into account when purchasing a low-cost 3D printer.

For more details please see our Methodology section in the full article.

These filters have led to an unbiased and reliable list of the top 10 best cheap 3D printers under $300. In this list we have included popular 3D printers under $300, as well as lesser-known recent 3D printers, in order to be up-to-date with what the market has to offer in 2017.

Again, we did not simply take the top 10 printers on Amazon or make a list of every single 3D printer under $300. Our lists are not sponsored by 3D printer manufacturers, nor by Amazon and GearBest. This being said, we do include affiliate links to these online stores that make us eligible for small commissions in case of purchase, without changing the final price for the buyer.

Also included in the article is basic information about Prusa i3 models, a handy cheap 3D printer buying guide and a bonus list of currently live affordable Kickstarter 3D printer projects.

This is just our vision of the top 10 3D printers under $300, there are a lot of other 3D printers out there. As usual, we recommend doing a bit of research before making any decisions.

Ready for the list? Here’s the link: The 10 best cheap 3D printers under $300 in 2017.

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