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The best podcasts about 3D printing

Podcasts are great. They’ve been around for a long time and the popularity of this medium is still on the rise in 2016. An increasing number of content producers are turning to podcasting to reach their audience, especially on niche topics such as 3D printing. We’re not surprised by this trend, as it’s increasingly difficult to find relevant and in-depth information sources among the flurry of viral news that flood our social media feeds everyday.

The 3D printing industry is not an exception, and it’s no surprise to see some very interesting 3D printing podcasts gaining traction among the growing crowd of makers and 3D printing enthusiasts. There are quite a few 3D printing podcasts available online, covering various topics of interests related to 3D printing. From interviews of 3D printing industry experts to 3D printers reviews, tips to help users make the most of their machines and in-depth conversations about the future of additive manufacturing, these podcasts will keep you in-the-know!

Here’s our selection of 8 great podcasts about 3D printing.

NEW: Our friends at 3DPrinterChat have launched their awesome 3D printing podcast! Chris, Hakan and Miles discuss a variety of 3D printing topics and will also invite members of the 3D printing community to share their experience in selected episodes. Check it out now!

  1. WTFFF!?

Tom & Tracy Hazzard
203 episodes

Every week, Tracy and Tom discuss a specific topic related to 3D printing with a special guest from the industry. The hosts are very active and passionate members of the 3D printing community, with a background in product design. Their weekly guests range from 3D printing entrepreneurs to Youtubers, professionals of the industry or hobbyists with an interesting project to share. This podcast is a must for any 3D printing enthusiast!

Note: we were the guests of episode #169 where we discussed the story of Aniwaa, the current state of the industry and where this all might be heading. We had a great time recording it via Skype from France!

  1. 3D Printing Today

Andy Cohen & Whitney Potter
129 episodes

Whitney and Andy co-host this great weekly 3D printing podcast where they discuss 4 to 5 items related to 3D printing. This podcast is very interesting, as they discuss a variety of topics and cover all all aspects of 3D printing, from 3D modeling to the actual prints and they often discuss technical issues to provide their expert tips (“Fighting curls on big prints”…).

  1. The Fargo 3D Printing Show

Fargo 3D Printing
20 episodes

This podcast is made by the team at Fargo 3D Printing, a reseller based in Fargo (duh!). The podcast is really cool, touching on various subjects, from 3D printers reviews and comparison to stories from trade shows or experience sharing about specific prints. Special mention for the YT channel where you view the show episodes!

  1. The 3D Masterminds

Jeffrey Ito
14 episodes

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who started 3D Masterminds to create a “synergy of ideas stemming from the leading authorities on 3D Printing”. With this podcast, his goal is to build a community where people help each other build strong 3D printing business and share the latest trends and information about 3D printing. Looking for business opportunities in 3D printing? Check out this episode: How to (really) profit from the 3D printing revolution?

  1. All Things 3D

Michael Bazler & Chris Kopack
104 episodes

Mike and Chris review hot topics from the 3D printing industry in this very interesting podcast and discuss trends and more with their guests from all around the world. They not only cover 3D printing but 3D in general, including topics related to VR for example. A very interesting positioning!

  1. MakerCast

38 episodes

This is the ultimate podcast for makers. The team behind MakerCast has a mission: sharing inspiring stories of makers. Whether you’re looking to start your fablab or just need inspiration from accomplished makers and entrepreneurs, you will find it in these stories. Each podcast focuses on the background and learning experiences of a specific maker. A great way to discover that there’s much to the makers movement than 3D printing 🙂

  1. 3D Printing Podcast

Bill Decker
9 episodes (+ 3D printing Voice)
iTunes (+ discontinued 3D Printing Voice on iTunes)

Each episode of this podcast focuses on a specific topic (3D printing-related of course!).  For instance, you can learn about Fashion and 3D printing or get insights on the latest industry trends.

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