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The best Youtube channels about 3D printing

UPDATE: we’ve made a new list of the best 3D printing YouTube channels. Check out the updated data!


Youtube is a pretty crazy social network. You can find Youtube channels about pretty much any topic these days. Including 3D printing! There are many, many Youtube channels about the maker movement, and 3D printing in particular. Some Youtube channels focus on 3D printing tutorials and tips, other on 3D printers reviews, or showcasing actual 3D printed objects.

We often check out Youtube videos of 3D printers or 3D filaments reviews to find valuable, first-hand user feedback and tips. They’re made by passionate users, with extensive 3D printing experience, and the video format is actually really well adapted for 3D printers reviews and tutorials. Some of these Youtube channels about 3D printing actually have tens of thousands of followers and their owners are becoming pretty famous Youtubers!

Today, we’ve decided to list the best Youtube channels about 3D printing that we found, so hopefully you will discover interesting resources and useful videos that will help you in your 3D printing projects.

We’ve selected Youtube channels that only talk about 3D printing (and not general tech channels that sometimes talk about 3D printers, they’re interesting too but we focused on 100% 3D printing content here). We’ve sorted them by number of subscribers but that’s not a “quality” ranking 🙂

Enjoy, and one last thing: don’t forget to subscribe!

  1. Thomas Sanladarer – 25,411 subscribers

With more than 25k subscribers, this is currently the biggest channel fully dedicated to 3D printing. Thomas offers all kinds of videos categorized in two main series: Tom’s Guides (tutorials) and Tom’s Reviews (well, 3D printers reviews but also accessories etc). He also has a Tips playlist which is no longer updated but still pretty informative. Thomas works at bq in Germany so he’s fully living the 3D printing life, which he mentioned in his bq Hephestos 2 review. He’s kind of the godfather of 3D printing Youtubers so you should definitely check out his channel!

  1. 3D Printing Nerd – 18,192 subscribers

Every week, Joel posts 3 to 4 videos to document his experiences with 3D printing, from unboxing a new machine to providing a step-by-step guide to create 3D printing timelapse videos or sharing his latest Pokemon prints. A very cool channel with a fun host and well-produced videos for makers of all levels!

  1. Maker’s Muse – 14,684 subscribers

Angus runs a very complete 3D printing Youtube channel, Maker’s Muse. We really like that the content is organized by playlists: reviews, 3D printing 101, advanced tips and tricks… It’s easy to navigate and the video are really informative and professional. There are currently 25 3D printers video reviews on Maker’s Muse (and even 2 reviews of 3D scanners!). Angus also shares his knowledge on 3D modeling in a dedicated playlist, making his channel an amazing all-around 3D printing hub.

  1. Chuck Hellebuyck’s Electronic Products – 8,217 subscribers

Chuck is a seasoned maker with a background electronics. This channel is more targeted to advanced users and offers lots of pretty specific tutorials such as “3D Printing Wood Filament Cabinet Knobs on a Da Vinci”. Very interesting videos, especially if you’re looking to improve your skills in electronics!

  1. Richard Horne – 5,034 subscribers

The Youtube channel of Richard aka RichRap, a well-known maker and supporter of the 3D printing movement. The few in-depth 3D printers reviews are really informative and the latest video about his print of the infamous Nefertiti bust is awesome, with details about each step of the process. Only thing we regret: there are not enough videos on this channel!

  1. Kirby Downey – 4,383 subscribers

This channel is different from the others, as Kirby only focuses on showcasing 3D printed objects, mostly weapons such as the massive Gjallarhorn from Destiny (which I never heard about before but the gun looks pretty cool). Don’t expect too much focus on 3D printing or actual 3D printers review here. Kirby’s videos are often timelapse of him at his desk building the object. Very, very geeky. Special bonus points for the trippy electro playing in most videos!

  1. The Hot End – 4,091 subscribers

Anthony runs a very interesting channel providing 3D printers and 3D filaments reviews, tutorials, and all kinds of useful tips for 3D printing enthusiasts. The Hot End is a well organized Youtube channel with several playlist including reviews, How To, contests and more. Anthony paid homage to his country, Australia, in this amazing video where he showcases a 3D printed didgeridoo that actually works! Special kudos for the Simplify3D tips playlist, very cool.



UPDATE: we’re adding below some notable Youtube channels that we forgot in our original article. They’re not less deserving than the ones above, we just missed them in our research and people have been kind enough to let them now. Check them out, they’re great too!

James Bruton – 326,809 subscribers
James runs a successful YT channel for XRobots.co.uk, the videos focus on 3D printing cosplays and other geeky objects. If you’re looking for a tutorial to 3D print BB-8 from Star Wars, that’s probably a channel you should check out! Interesting to note that James is sponsored by LulzBot, it’s the only channel we saw that’s officially sponsored.

Mold3D TV – 7,153 subscribers
Lots of very interesting tutorials on this channel (great Zbrush tips!), with a focus on figurines/characters design and 3D printing. Great workshop videos on molding and casting with SLA 3D printers, which is pretty rare!

– Simone | FNTSMN – 4,722 subscribers
Some great 3D printed “toys” such as swords from League of Legends, and a few very nice unboxing videos, all presented by Simone from Italy! Check out his unboxing of the WASP Delta 20×40.

Hoffman Engineering – 2,921 subscribers

mrjoesays – 804 subscribers
A really cool 3D printing channel where Joe shares his insights about 3D printing. Are you a new 3 printer owner? He got you covered with this super informative video: 14 Things every 3D printer owner MUST have.

3D Print – Tech Design – 625 subscribers
Anton is a very active Youtuber with a fast growing channel about anything related to 3D printing. You will find here some great 3D printers unboxing and reviews, along with some new series with 3D printing tips for instance. There’s even an unboxing of the Artec Eva 3D scanner!

Daniel Norée – 587 subscribers
Daniel is a Swedish 3D designer and 3D printing evangelist. He’s also the creator of the OpenR/C Project, where tons of makers collaborate to push the boundaries of 3D printing with an open-source approach. In addition to 3D printer reviews, his channel has some amazing videos about the OpenR/C Project. That includes this video of the Truggy, a experimental 3D printed R/C car. Definitely a cool channel to subscribe to!

XYZAidan – 278 subscribers
Need to 3D print a check valve or a silicon suction gripper? Aidan covers it all on his growing channel!

Chaos Core Tech – 265 subscribers
Garrett posts 3D printing videos where he designs 3D models (usually objects or characters from movies and video games). He then 3D prints them out, and paints them as well. Check out his skills in this video of the life size 3D printed Thor’s hammer!

3D Nobbie – 205 subscribers

Model3D – 133 subscribers
A new but rising 3D printing Youtube channel from the UK with original content such as this short video about 3D printing finishing tools.

SparkyFace5 – 115 subscribers
Tessa runs a nice 3D printing channel where she shares her passion for 3D printing, from unboxing a new 3D printer to creating useful objects. Great unboxing of the Cocoon Create, a 3D printer we did not know about!

Stuff With Kirby – 68 subscribers
Lots of cool videos here, from tutorials to timelapses. And a guide to 3D print a fridge magnet!

Vicky Somma, TGAV 3D – 29 subscribers
Vicky is a software developper passionate with 3D printing. She shares on her channel some entry-level 3D printing projects such as how to embed mirrors in 3D prints. Subscribe to her (fairly new) channel!

– DesertExperimenter’s 3D Printing Show – 25 subscribers
A new 3D printing channel with promising videos, such as this pretty cool tutorial to build the Ultimate Poor Mans 3D Printer Enclosure. You’ll never throw away a cardboard box again!


Every Thursday, Noé and Pedro Ruiz host 3D Hangouts, a really cool live show about 3D printing on the Adafruit Industries Youtube channel. During the 50 minutes or so, the pair will discuss hot topics related to 3D printing and the additive manufacturing industry. Check them out live or catch a replay!



We realize we must have forgotten some great Youtube channels about 3D printing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email ([email protected]) or on Twitter if you’d like to share some cool video content with us!


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