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The MASS PORTAL 3D printers offer an interesting delta architecture

MASS PORTAL is a 3D printing manufacturer based in Riga, Latvia. One MASS PORTAL Pharaoh ED was introduced at Tokyo 3D Printing 2016, on the stand of Polymaker, the 3D filament manufacturer.

The Pharaoh product range of products are delta 3D printers encased in a semi closed metal frame. The two more expensive versions, the Pharaoh HD and the Grand Pharaoh are packed with very large color touchscreens and a wide choice for connectivity : Ethernet, USB and SD card readers.

Their first line of products is the Pharaoh, with a dual 3D printer lineup, the Pharaoh ED and the Pharaoh XD. At first glance it is difficult to understand what’s the difference between the two machines. They actually differentiate themselves with their respective extruders. The Pharaoh ED has a regular single extruder and can in option be equipped with a dual extruder. The Pharaoh XD has a specific extruder head introduced by MAS PORTAL called a dual feeder. The 3D printer can extrude up to two different materials through a single extruder, which makes mixing two materials or colors simultaneously possible.
Price of MASS PORTAL Pharaoh ED
Price of MASS PORTAL Pharaoh HD

The second line of products from MASS PORTAL are their Grand Pharaoh lineup. Like their smaller versions the Grand Pharaoh are available in two versions, the Grand Pharaoh ED and the Grand Pharaoh XD, also differentiated by their extruders. The Grand Pharaoh ED is equipped with a standard single extruder and can receive in option a dual or triple extruder. The Grand Pharaoh XD has the ability to simultaneously extrude up to three different materials through a single extruder, thanks to its triple feeder system.
Price of MASS PORTAL Grand Pharaoh ED
Price of MASS PORTAL Grand Pharaoh XD

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