The ultimate list of the best 3D printing Youtube channels

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UPDATE: we’ve made a new list of the best 3D printing YouTube channels. Check out the updated data!


In March 2016, we wrote our first article on a fast-growing community of creators/makers: the 3D printing Youtubers. We listed at the time 19 3D printing Youtube channels. Today, we have 45 64. Our first report on the vibrant 3D printing Youtube community focused on channels talking only about 3D printing, or to be more accurate Youtube channels focusing on 3D printer reviews and 3D printing equipment (filaments, accessories etc). This list of the best Youtube channels about 3D printing is among our most read articles, thus showing the strong interest of 3D printer enthusiasts for quality video content about 3D printing.

>>> Take me to the rankings already! <<<

Lately, it seems that 3D printing Youtube channels have been more active than ever. We are definitely seeing a growing number of new 3D printing channels popping up in our Youtube video suggestions. So we’ve decided to update our list! In the previous version, we had not included channels focusing on making cosplays and other 3D printed props. We only listed Youtube channels primarily offering 3D printer reviews and informative 3D printing video tutorials. For this updated list, we decided to include Youtubers from the entire 3D printing spectrum. We now have 64 3D printing Youtube channels: the more, the merrier!

A few interesting takeaways on the top 3D printing Youtube channels

– We list a total of 64 Youtube channels on 3D printing (and we’re probably missing a few despite our intense research on Youtube!). The great thing is they each have a different vibe and true personality. This group of Youtubers is definitely a very diverse and inspiring one!

– United States lead the country ranking with 32 channels. America accounts for a whooping 71% of all 3D printing channels! The UK land in 2nd place with 5 channels, followed by Australia with 4 channels. But the #1 channel is from Germany (at least at the time we wrote this article!).

– We listed only 2 channels run by women: TGAW run by Vicky Somma from the US and SparkyFace5, managed by Tessa from Australia. Not a lot of diversity yet in the 3D printing Youtubers demographics, to say the least… But on the upside, these two channels are really cool and among the fastest-growing of our list, with around 2,050 new subscribers for each channel since our last article!

The list of the best 3D printing Youtube channels (September 2016)

We made a table ranking of the best Youtube channels about 3D printing, sorted by total number of subscribers. This list is in no case a quality ranking: it would be very difficult to rate 3D printing Youtube channels given their diversity. No matter the subscribers count, all the creators behind these channels are passionate makers and dedicated video producers who invested a lot of time and money to produce useful and enjoyable content.

YouTube channelLive subscribers counter..........................Subs count*Growth**CategoryCountry
I Like To Make Stuff 1195547MakerUS
Barnacules Nerdgasm857201Tech reviewerUS
James Bruton449540Cosplay/propsUK
Punished Props169716Cosplay/propsUS
Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel1283981077%3D printingUS
Maker’s Muse72888132%3D printingAustralia
3D Printing Nerd79656107%3D printingUS
RCLifeOn41280Tech reviewerSweden
Thomas Sanladerer77293100%3D printingGermany
3D Print Guy2766272%3D printingCanada
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu17415MakerChina
Uncle Jessy18763Cosplay/propsUS
Tech2C238933D printingAustralia
Jaidyn Edwards30008MakerAustralia
ModBot18844Tech reviewerUS
CHEP 3D Printing1503334%3D printingUS
Mold3D TV1268829%3D printingUS
PRINT THAT THING1472016%3D printingUS
Chaos Core Tech6817133%3D printingUS
The Hot End777027%3D printingAustralia
3D Maker Noob27466438%3D printingMalta
3D Printing Professor6115153%3D printingUS
DIY Engineering2433MakerUS
A Pyro Design40395%3D printingUS
Kirby Downey99222%Cosplay/propsUK
Richard Horne811617%3D printingUK
3D Central6260154%3D printingUS
Hoffman Engineering695646%3D printingUS
Simone | FNTSMN748121%3D printingUK
Daniel Norée5568102%MakerSweden
3D Print – Tech Design542780%3D printingSweden

Zbysek Pilny
1665MakerCzech Republic
ProfDrafting46303D printingUS
JAT.MN3199698%3D printingUS
Joe Mike Terranella3385139%3D printingUS
3DprintedLife437120%3D printingUS
3D Print Everything11443D printingUS
doodaddoes34453D printingUS
TashTech303881%3D printingSouth Africa
Andreas Hölldorfer335925%Tech reviewerGermany
Nerdly2269293%3D printingUS
Nillabean25481168%Tech reviewerUS
That 3D Print Guy173080%3D printingAustralia
BusyBotz34383D printingUS
Novice Expert277421%3D printingUS
Think Making1791134%3D printingHonduras
Abuzz Designs1589206%3D printingUS
SparkyFace5248814%3D printingAustralia
FugaTech 3D Printing1288320%3D printingUS
XYZAidan1217141%Tech reviewerUS
Desktop Makes6243D printingUS
Jimmy Shaw's Tidbits1330158%3D printingUS
TGAW228710%3D printingUS
3d Print Creator14683D printingNetherlands
Bobot's Trains and Maker Zone2198MakerUS
Model3D1545283%3D printingUK
Dream 3D18243D printingUK
Print 3D Channel602197%3D printingUS
D-Tech834132%3D printingUS
Dustin Corbin142158%3D printingUS
3DPrintingEverything117026%3D printingUS
Maker Hacks722MakerUS
NolanC 3DPrint Works760193%3D printingUS
N Squared7363D printingUS
3D Printing Lab6843D printingUS
Extruder Joe5712184%3D printingUS
ZakkBlog55434%3D printingCanada
3D Noobie51939%3D printingUS

Agustin Flowalistik
1503D printingSpain

1983D printingUK
CJ Printing4821%3D printingUS
Panoreth 3D Printing4319%3D printingUS

3043D printingUK
Unlikely Creators372564%3D printingUS
Safety Glasses Required220MakerUS
Practical Printing683D printingUS
Eugene Pentland1713D printingUS

How I Do It
JuicyMoose Productions184318%3D printingUS
3D Printed Aspie2023D printingUS
NeoPortnoy 3D Printing24366%3D printingUS
Improper Engineering2673D printingUS
Stuff With Kirby26540%MakerUS
Angel's Tinkering Corner21166%3D printingUS
Bryce Standley 3D Printing!1753D printingAustralia
Prototype Professor23363%3D printingUS
Make It And Fake It23D printingUS
Disrupt It Yourself22514%3D printingUS
Mikolas 3D Printing1703D printingCzech Republic
PatternToPrint223D printingUS
3D Printing Reviews150285%3D printingUK
Michael Phelps131992%3D printingUS
Another 3D Printing Channel135114%3D printingUS
Three-Dee Kid10259%3D printingUK
JustinTime3DPrints1303D printingUS
Cat543D printingLiechtenstein
Mitch 3D7289%3D printingUS
Mega Making
733D printingMalaysia
Average Joe 3D Printing623D printingUS
Zidim583D printingNetherlands

Wotcha Printin?
353D printingAustralia
Hobby Techno173D printingUS
The Printing Kid443D printingUS
Cláudio Rocha
343D printingTurkey
Turenkarn193D printingUK
3D Print Anything283D printingUS
Andrew Bolton333D printingUK

Calvin Witt
Paul Curtis203D printingUS
* Number of channel subscribers as of March 24, 2017.
** Growth rate of the channel between September 2016 and March 2017, over a 6-month period.

The goal of this list of 3D printing-related YouTube channels is not to rank them by quality but to provide a comprehensive overview of the 3D printing landscape on YouTube. And also, we want to give visibility to smaller 3D printing channels and help you find some great video content!

A couple of notes:
– In the table above, you will see the number of subscribers on March 8 (date of previous article) and on September 24 (date when we checked the subscriber count for this article)
– Some channels were not listed in our first article, hence we don’t know what their subscribers count was on March 8, 2016 and we cannot calculate their growth rate. It doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome!

Top 5 3D printing Youtube channels

1. Thomas Sanladarer 🇩🇪

  • Subscribers: 38,691
  • First upload: March 30, 2014
  • Total views: 3.4M
  • Patreon: $1,505/month (contribute here)

2. 3D Printing Nerd 🇺🇸

  • Subscribers: 38,574
  • First upload: April 2015
  • Total views: 2.1M
  • Patreon: $622/month (contribute here)

3. Maker’s Muse 🇦🇺

  • Subscribers: 31,472
  • First upload: January 2014
  • Total views: 2.7M
  • Patreon: $805/month (contribute here)


  • Subscribers: 12,715
  • First upload: September 2014
  • Total views: 920k

5. CHEP 3D Printing 🇺🇸

  • Subscribers: 11,191
  • First upload: March 2014
  • Total views: 710k
  • Patreon: $313/month (contribute here)

A few hand-picked 3D printing YT channels

– TGAW: Vicky’s channel was a last minute addition to our previous list. At the time, she had just started producing 3D printing videos and only had a few subscribers. It is now the fastest growing 3D printing channel in our list with an astonishing 7,090% growth rate since March 2016!
– Chaos Core Tech: when we posted on Twitter about this list of 3D printing Youtube channels, we received several replies from other creators praising Garret’s work on his channel. With a 10x growth since March, it seems that not only his peers love his videos!
– Richard Horne: we love Richard’s channel, where he posts video of his 3D printing DIY projects and 3D printer reviews. Richard’s video are not over-produced and have a nice laid-back vibe, which we find refreshing. And they’re great sources of information, too!

BONUS: when Youtube stars talk about 3D printing

– I Like To Make Stuff, 880k subscribers: Bob is a maker, he runs this wildly successful Youtube channel where you can find 3D printing-related content on a regular basis, from 3D printer reviews to videos of 3D printing props.

– Barnacules Nerdgasm, 770k subscribers: Jerry, an ex-Microsoft software developper, manages this awesome channel and produces lots of entertaining videos, from tech product reviews to fun tutorials and more (eg. How To Fight Twitter Porn Spam Bots). Jerry has a strong 3D printing background and you can often see 3D printing-related videos on his super popular channel.

– James Bruton, 410k subscribers: James’ channel focuses on cosplay, props and costuming, using 3D printing. We could have included him in the ranking (where he would take the top spot!) but we felt he belonged in the Youtube stars category 🙂

How to make money with a Youtube channel about 3D printing?

Generating revenue as a 3D printing Youtuber is possible, but requires a lot of dedication, continuous efforts and – of course – great video content. To our knowledge, only Thomas Sanladerer is a full-time 3D printing Youtuber.

Youtubers of all categories can monetize their channels, through the AdSense advertising program (Google’s advertising program for publishers, including Youtube channels). Many 3D printing channels use AdSense to generate some money with the views on their channels, that’s why you sometimes see banners of pre-roll video ads.

In addition, some 3D printing Youtubers diversify their revenue streams, following a global trend for content creators of all verticals. Several Youtubers are on Patreon (recurring crowdfunding platform) so people can make a recurring donation to support their work. Many 3D printing Youtube channels also participate in the affiliate programs such as the one from Amazon, meaning they can earn a commission if you purchase something on a partner store using their special links (they often put these links the video descriptions if you’d like to show some support!).

The grey area of sponsored videos. Most Youtubers do not charge a fee to produce a 3D printer video review, but they usually get to keep the 3D printer for free. Some brands also sponsor Youtubers trips to a 3D printing event or a visit to a company in exchange for visibility. 3D printer brands and resellers are usually happy to get this visibility at almost no cost, while for Youtubers it’s a great way to get new material for their channel. However, it is sometimes unclear if the Youtuber received any compensation or free products as a compensation to make the video. We believe it’s important that Youtubers disclose the terms of their collaborations with brands, in order to build up trust with their audience and allow viewers to have the full context. That said, most Youtubers are professional and produce unbiased videos even if they are sponsored. Besides, these videos are often descriptive product overviews based on the Youtubers’ experience, from unboxing to first prints, and not in-depth technical reviews with ratings. As always, 3D printer reviews should be put in perspective: make your own opinion by reading/watching several reviews and getting information from various trusted sources and 3D printing forums.