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VR and AR prototypes we are keeping an eye on in 2018

The internet is always buzzing with new inventions, technologies, and prototypes, especially in the virtual reality and augmented reality fields. What’s not to love about the excitement of discovering VR and AR headset prototypes?

At Aniwaa we go through all the latest VR news daily to get our fill on the thrill. Here’s a short list of VR and AR headset prototypes that we can’t wait to get our hands on!


VR headset prototypes


The Oculus Half Dome (Oculus Rift 2) being presented at F8. Credit: VentureBeat

The Oculus Half Dome (Oculus Rift 2) being presented at F8.
Credit: VentureBeat


  • Oculus Half Dome/Oculus Rift 2: this Oculus Rift sequel is claimed to feature a 140-degree FOV with varifocal displays and eye-tracking capacities. The Oculus Half Dome release date is still unknown, but it probably won’t be before 2019.
  • Kopin Elf: although this PC VR headset isn’t intended for retail, it is quite interesting to see how HMDs are getting smaller and smaller! The Elf next-gen VR headset is much lighter than the Rift or the VIVE but boasts over three times more pixels. Less bulky more hulky!
  • Pimax 8K a.k.a. Pimax M1: this upcoming VR headset integrates two “upscaling” 4K screens (not true 8K as its name misleadingly suggests) and a wide array of interesting features such as a 220° FOV!
  • Varjo Bionic Display: targeting enterprise-level users, the Varjo VR headset features retina resolution. According to rumors, this headset will be ready for launch later this year.



MR/AR headset prototypes



  • Leap Motion AR headset: Project North Star makes use of Leap Motion’s renowned hand-tracking technology in combination with exciting specs such as 120 FPS, a 180° scope for hand tracking, and a 100-degree FOV.
  • Bose AR: Bose is using its audio expertise to create an “audio augmented reality” add-on to use with “a Bose-AR-equipped wearable, a smartphone, and an app-enabled with Bose AR”.
  • RealMax QIAN AR headset: it’s currently far from being ready to hit the shelves, but this augmented reality headset reportedly offers users an impressive FOV (for AR) of over 100 degrees.


VR and AR headset prototypes: honorable mention


Intel also made a splash with the Intel Vaunt smart glasses, but earlier this year they abandoned the project. Secretive Apple, on the other hand, is reportedly working on an AR glasses although very little info is available.



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