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A trip to VR park Dubai – part one

On a trip to visit family in Dubai, I convinced my older brother to take a detour on a sightseeing trip to the massive labyrinth that is Dubai Mall. The second floor is home to the newly opened VR Park Dubai (PVRK). This VR park aims to “deliver unprecedented, awe-inspiring, all-new mind-blowing experiences through the breadth of games, rides and experiences” according to Emaar Entertainment.

VR Park Dubai review

VR Park Dubai

Officially launched on 1st March 2018, VR Park Dubai has a close partnership with VR headset StarVR, as many as half of the VR experiences use this device. The park was developed by Emaar Entertainment, the size of the area dedicated to VR experiences is huge, 7, 000 square meters with two dozen VR and AR games.

At the time of the launch, VR Park Dubai claimed to be the world’s largest indoor, virtual reality park. It has since been surpassed by the massive VR park in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province in China, also named the “Oriental Science Fiction Valley“.

On arriving at the Dubai VR Park, the entrance is instantly impressive and modern. UAE digital display specialist Pixcom Technologies has designed and installed a curved LED display and tunnel through which visitors enter the park. The presentation is stunning and in line with a theme park, over the top and jaw-dropping at times. The wow factor extends from the main entrance to the foyer area inside. Some of the entrances to the VR booths themselves are inspired designs.

There are multiple games and interactive VR and AR experiences to choose from at the VR park. The staff are friendly and accommodating. They actually know a little about the VR headsets and devices used in the various virtual reality arcades.

How it works is you can buy a ticket to a specific experience, they cost around 4-12 USD (15-45 AED) Dirham each. You can also load a card with credit to use at different games. Other packages include a 40 USD pass (AED 150) providing unlimited gameplay all day.

Staff are on hand to explain the specific VR experience and how to use the virtual reality headset.

VR Experiences

At the time of the opening, there were some 17 VR experiences (and one AR photo booth). The activities include more basic 360-degree mobile VR videos, custom-designed VR room scale games with purpose-built accessories like guns. There is also an indoor VR roller coaster as well as the customized Burj Drop. This attraction mixes a traditional theme park vertical drop and VR in one thrilling experience.

Full list of VR experiences

APE-X, Burj Drop, The Raft (multiplayer experience), John Wick Chronicles, PAYDAY: The VR Heist, The Walking Dead VR Outbreak, Plummet, Dune Bash, Dubai Drone, Geminose: The VR Carousel, Travel Bus, Robocom. (subject to change)

VR Sports

Also situated within the Dubai VR Park, the VR sports aim to offer over 20 virtual reality games. It includes basketball, football, skiing, golf, and cricket. These are designed for all ages.

Tune in next week to hear Steve’s thoughts about his experience using some of the gear and games available at VR Park Dubaï. Until then, don’t forget to check out our VR and AR headset comparison engine.

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