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WASP’s mission extends beyond the famous WASP delta 3D printers

One of the most promising delta 3D printer manufacturers comes from Italy, and this 3D printer brand is called WASP. The acronym WASP stands for World’s Advanced Saving Project. The company produces the famous Delta WASP 3D printers. WASP was founded in 2012 by CSP s.r.l., based in Massa Lombarda (RA), Italy. CSP stands for Centro Sviluppo Progetti. The founder of WASP is Massimo Moretti and he is still the active CEO.

WASP not only produces 3D printers, they also develop a range of innovative projects, from huge delta 3D printers designed to build entire homes to solutions to recycle various materials.

The Delta WASP: a strong brand for delta 3D printers

The very first product developed by WASP was the PowerWASP, an All-in-One 3D printer also capable to mill wood and aluminium. This 3D printer can even be equipped with a syringe, in order to extruder high viscosity paste based materials, such a ceramics. The PowerWASP is still available today and each optional tool-head can be acquired separately.

After this successful introduction to the market, WASP introduced their line of delta 3D printers, call the Delta WASP. This lineup is articulated around 3 different formats of 3D printers, each offering a specific build volume:

The WASP DELTA TURBO 2040 3D printer.

The WASP DELTA TURBO 2040 3D printer.

This is the most affordable model equipped with a heated print bed, offering a 50 microns maximum resolution inside a 200 mm diameter and 400 mm high build volume, hence its name. In its TURBO version the DELTA 2040 is one of the fastest FFF 3D printer available on the market (print speed of 600 mm/s and 10000 mm/s).

This model is very well rated by every 3DHubs report.

The Delta Wasp 40×70 is the mid-range 3D printer, with a 400 mm diameter and 700 mm high build volume.

This one is the industrial-grade model of the lineup and costs. It comes with a huge build volume of 600 mm diameter and 1000 mm high build volume, and is perfect for 3D printing larger parts.

The Delta Wasp 3D printers have been upgraded into the Delta Turbo 3D printers. They are based on an open-source format and are very modular, making them suitable for a wide range of applications beyond just 3D printing. The classic plastic extruders can be replaced by a LDM (Liquid Deposit Modeling) WASP Extruder, perfect for extruding clay, porcelain or ceramics. Such extruders are add-ons and retail around $700.

This 3D printer is the smallest FFF 3D printer of the WASP lineup. It is only compatible with PLA based 3D filament.

The latest addition to the WASP 3D printers lineup is an interesting delta DLP 3D printers (Digital Light Processing) called the DELTA TOP 1609. It was introduced in October 2015 and uses a small projector to selectively cure liquid resin, a 3D printing process similar to stereolithography (a 3D printing technology also called SLA). The Delta Top 1609 offers a 25 microns maximum resolution within a 88 mm diameter and 158 mm high build volume.

WASP: a 3D printer manufacturer with a purpose

With the revenue generated from the sale of the 3D printers, WASP is capable to pursue its broader mission: “The possibility of a home for all is an essential building block to the creation of a horizon of equality and meritocracy, shared prosperity, the horizon toward which WASP projects converge.” They intend to 3D print houses from recycled and local materials at an affordable price.
This project is not mere long-term vision: WASP actually built a six meters tall 3D printer called the DeltaBig. This huge delta 3D printer, designed to eventually build a 3D printed house, could be assembled in an hour by a simple team of three and only required a few square meters of solar panels to work. On WASP website it is possible to inquire for their Delta Big 66 3D printer.

We believe WASP has the potential to become a major player in the crowded space of 3D printer manufacturers. Besides, their broader mission and philosophy definitely set them apart (this is a classic 3D printer brand!). With a global network of resellers, WASP continues to grow and we’re betting they are here to stay. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback on Delta WASP 3D printers with us or contact us if you’re interested in purchasing one!

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