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What are the best AR smartglasses and HMD’s available in 2018?

The AR market is growing, and with virtual reality, seems to be on track in reaching the ‘tipping point’.

AR smartglasses

We compiled our research for Aniwaa’s 10 best augmented reality smartglasses in 2018 by assessing the wide variety of AR manufacturers. As a result, it includes huge tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and more specialized AR hardware developers such as Vuzix, Epson, ODG, Kopin, and Toshiba.

What was clear was that augmented reality is two-tiered in terms of enterprise and consumer level adoption. This is spurring a healthy outlook for the future development of AR headsets and smartglasses. This was all on the back of smartphone AR games. These really opened up the awareness of the technology to the general public.


The future of AR

Augmented reality growth

A series of positive reports and studies have been released (PTC, IDC and more). Most noteworthy, the augmented reality market analysis points to substantial growth in AR in the coming years. Furthermore, some of the key statistical takeaways are that it is expected 2 million AR HMD devices will be sold in 2019, whereas by 2022 the estimates are that 26.7 million AR smartglasses and HMDs will be sold!

Augmented reality in industry – who is using AR?

The easier question presently, and in the future, is instead who isn’t using AR? All industries are seemingly adopting augmented reality in one form or another. Software is, of course, being tailored for a variety of consumer uses from retail, sports, education, healthcare, automotive, real estate, entertainment, navigation, manufacturing, sports, and media, as well as design and more.

In the hardware space, all of the big tech players are involved. The recent predictions by Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple would enter the AR market with their own headset in the next few years confirms strong growth and huge potential in augmented reality.

Furthermore, social media is not outside of this ever-growing bubble. Facebook launched two AR games in its Messenger app. It also introduced AR filters to video chats in 2017

AR a $50 billion opportunity? Credit: statista.

AR a $50 billion opportunity? Credit: statista.

Honorable mentions

For clarity purposes, we don’t consider HoloLens or Magic Leap to be AR devices but true mixed reality headsets. Therefore they don’t feature on our list of AR smart glasses. Furthermore, we didn’t consider the wide variety of “smart” glasses that include a plethora of spy type glasses with cameras etc but only AR devices (smartglasses and HMDs).

Aniwaa will soon release a more in-depth guide on augmented reality, in the meanwhile, you can search and compare your favorite AR smart glasses and headsets with our comprehensive AR comparison engine.

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