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The best mini air conditioners in 2020 (personal air coolers)

In this guide, we check out some of the best mini air conditioners currently available on the market. Check out reviews of top-rated products and find out how to choose the ideal mini AC unit for your needs.

What’s the best mini air conditioner or personal air cooler in 2020?

When it gets very hot during the summer, all you can think of is how to cool down your home. You generally don’t worry about the energy bill up until the moment it arrives in your mailbox.

It is then when you realize that not only the initial price of your AC unit was high, but using it is also expensive. What if we tell you that there is a solution to keep your cool while saving money?

It comes in the form of a mini air conditioner, which is nothing other than a personal cooling unit. These compact devices cannot keep your entire home cool, but they are perfect for a small space.

They can be a great choice for home offices and small rooms where you spend a lot of time. What’s more, they don’t require any wall-drilling or hose installation!

You can find our selection of the best personal air cooler units below. It’s divided into two sections:

  • Personal space coolers (mini cooling units that can fit on your desktop)
  • Small, portable air cooling units (larger-sized yet compact coolers)

While you’re there, don’t forget to read our mini AC buying guide, which explains how to choose a mini air cooler that perfectly suits your needs.

Personal air cooler vs air conditioners

A personal air cooler or “mini air conditioner” is actually an evaporative air cooler, which pulls the warm air from your room and runs it through the cool water it has in its tank. That’s how it manages to decrease the overall heat in the room. Mini evaporative air coolers are a more affordable option, but aren’t optimal for humid spaces.

On the other hand, an air conditioner absorbs heat by utilizing a refrigerant fluid. It releases cold air to decrease both temperature and humidity in the room. This process requires a lot of energy and can make your electricity bill skyrocket.

The 12 best personal air conditioners in 2020

Portable and mini evaporative air coolersTypePrice*DimensionsBuy
Breezie™ Mini Air CoolerPersonal space cooler (desktop)$69166 x 152 x 142 mmBuy
YOOUOOK air Cooler Portable Mini FanPersonal space cooler (desktop)$24160 x 160 x 170 mmBuy
Scinex Personal Air coolerPersonal space cooler (desktop)$39223 x 203 x 203 mmBuy
HoMedics MyChill Personal Space CoolerPersonal space cooler (desktop)$70195 x 178 x 200 mmBuy
Evapolar evaCHILL Personal A/CPersonal space cooler (desktop)$90172 x 170 x 170 mmBuy
Evapolar evaLIGHT PlusPersonal space cooler (desktop)$149203 x 203 x 254 mmBuy
Evapolar evaSMART Personal A/CPersonal space cooler (desktop)$199184 x 217 x 207 mmBuy
COSTWAY Air CoolerPortable air cooling unit (room cooler)$96368 x 305 x 622 mmBuy
BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air CoolerPortable air cooling unit (room cooler)$189267 x 267 x 1117 mmBuy
Whirlpool Indoor Evaporative Air CoolerPortable air cooling unit (room cooler)$195420 x 340 x 800 mmBuy
Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air CoolerPortable air cooling unit (room cooler)$310635 x 432 x 940 mmBuy
Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Air CoolerPortable air cooling unit (room cooler)$549466 x 700 x 1017 mmBuy
The table above represents our selection of the 10 best mini AC units (evaporative air coolers) available on the market.

*Price: prices may vary over time and from one country to another (shipping fees, importation taxes, etc.).
Methodology/disclaimer: we have not tested all of the mini AC units in this list. Our selection is based on overall feedback from specialized, trusted sources as well as crowdsourced user reviews. Read more about how we work.

Overview: the best and smallest portable air conditioners on the market this year

Check out our overview below to find the best personal space cooler for your needs. Our list provides all the important features and specifications of these portable cooling units.

Personal space coolers (desktop mini air conditioners)

The mini AC units listed below are really compact; they can fit on your desktop without taking much space.

Breezie mini AC


  • Dimensions: 166 x 152 x 142 mm
  • Price: $69


The Breezie mini air conditioner is a modern-looking and effective machine to help you cool down during summer heat. According to Breezie, this AC can help cool down your room by up to 10°C, making only 30dB of noise and using 95% less energy than traditional air conditioners.
YOOUOOK minidesktop cooler

YOOUOOK air Cooler Portable Mini Fan

  • Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 170 mm
  • Price: $24


If you are looking for a personal air conditioner that is both eco-friendly and energy efficient, you may want to consider this unit made by YOOUOOK. The product has average cooling power, and its temperature reduction goes up to 8°C .

Once you fill the water tank, you will enjoy up to eight hours of cooling. The integrated LED light has multiple colors available, and you can choose between three different fan speeds. The unit is fairly light as well, weighing in at 1.1 kg (about 2.4 pounds).

Scinex Personal Air cooler

Scinex Personal Air cooler

  • Dimensions: 223 x 203 x 203 mm
  • Price: $39


The Scinex personal air cooler features both compact size and reliable performance. You can choose whether you want to power it directly or use a mobile power supply via a USB port.

The operation time is up to 8 hours on one tank fill. It means you can use this mini AC for room, car, or on camping trips. It has an integrated LED light, which can act as a lighting source when necessary.

HoMedics desktop air conditioner mini

HoMedics PAC-25BK MyChill Personal Space Cooler

  • Dimensions: 195 x 178 x 200 mm
  • Price: $70


HoMedics created a unit that can cool a radius of four feet (1.2 meters). Its temperature reduction goes up to 12°C, which means it can cool a room to suit your needs.

It is not only an ultra-compact portable air conditioner, but it also features a beautiful black design. Although it only has two speeds, it is more than enough for this mini AC unit. An indicator is there to remind you when the mini air cooler is empty, so you know when to fill it with water.

Evapolar mini AC evaCHILL

Evapolar evaCHILL EV-500 Personal A/C

  • Dimensions: 172 x 170 x 170 mm
  • Price: $90


If you want a mini air conditioner as seen on TV, it is wise to go with a reputable brand like Evapolar. Aside from cooling down the space you are in, it can also act as a mini air purifier. It can also be useful if you’re looking for additional humidity in the room.

The cooling area is set at a maximum of 45 square feet, which makes this a great mini AC cooler for your bedroom or office. Its working time is maximum nine hours.

Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus

Evapolar evaLIGHT Plus

  • Dimensions: 203 x 203 x 254 mm
  • Price: $149


The Evapolar evaLIGHT Plus features a small screen on top to display temperature information. This screen also lets you set the cooler to work for a specific amount of time.

Evapolar’s evaLIGHT Plus can work anywhere between three and eight hours on a single tank fill. It’s easy to use, freon-free, lightweight and portable, and quieter than the cheaper mini AC options available.

Evapolar evaSMART mini cooler air conditioner

Evapolar evaSMART Personal A/C

  • Dimensions: 184 x 217 x 207 mm
  • Price: $199


This desktop portable air conditioner is more expensive, but it is also a bit larger and packs more power than Evapolar’s other units. Moreover, it has Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can manage it via a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

This mini aircon can keep an area of up to 45 square feet cool despite its ultra-compact size. Overall, it is one of the coolest-looking personal cooling systems out there.

Small, portable air cooling units (evaporative air room coolers)

These units are larger than the ones listed above, but they offer more cooling power.

COSTWAY Air Cooler portable AC

COSTWAY Air Cooler

  • Dimensions: 368 x 305 x 622 mm
  • Price: $96


If this size doesn’t fit you, keep in mind that COSTWAY designed their portable air conditioner in four different sizes. The product’s weight is eight pounds, which implies it is quite light. The wheels allow you to use it as a portable AC unit.

Apart from cooling down the room, the product can also humidify the area. It has an adjustable speed switch, and the water tank has a six-liter capacity. If you want to make it truly energy efficient, you can utilize the timer to have it turn off when you fall asleep.

BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Dimensions: 267 x 267 x 1117 mm
  • Price: $189


This evaporative air cooler from Breezewell can also be used as a fan and features 3 different wind speed levels and 4 breeze modes. It can rotate up to 70 degrees and has a handle on its back that makes it easier to transport. The manufacturer recommends it for spaces of up to 250 square feet (23 square meters).

It comes with a remote control to switch it on or off and adjust settings from up to 20 feet away.

Whirlpool Portable Indoor Evaporative Air Cooler

Whirlpool WPEC12GW Indoor Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Dimensions: 420 x 340 x 800 mm
  • Price: $195


It might not be the smallest air conditioner out there, but it is compact and can cool up to 428 square feet, which is quite impressive.

The manufacturer recommends it for areas where the humidity is low and the air is hot. The tank can fit up to 6 liters of water (1.6 gallons) while its airflow is set at 214CFM. The noise level of this ductless air conditioner is tolerable, and the unit is available in two different colors.

Hessaire portable air cooler

Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Dimensions: 635 x 432 x 940 mm
  • Price: $310


If you want an AC unit that utilizes an air swing delivery system, you may want to check out Hessaire’s product. You will notice a rotary switch on the front of the unit. Use the knob to choose between three different speeds and set up the optimal temperature.

The product is fairly durable, but it weighs 41 pounds, and it will take a bit of effort to move it around. It can cool up to 500 square feet of space, and it has an airflow of 3,100CFM.

Honeywell CO60PM

Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Dimensions: 466 x 700 x 1017 mm
  • Price: $549


This powerful Evaporative Air Cooler by Honeywell is designed for larger rooms and small outdoor spaces such as patios and BBQ areas. It features an ice compartment as well as a large 15.9-gallon water tank that can be filled manually or continuously through a water inlet.

It is equipped with wheels to move its rather heavy 41.5 pounds around and has an airflow of up to 2,471 CFM.

Special mention: Arctic Air personal space cooler

Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler

Arctic Air Personal Air Cooler

  • Dimensions: 165 x 165 x 170 mm
  • Price: $39


At first glance, this seems like an intriguing desktop portable air conditioner. It is compact-sized, and it works quietly. Furthermore, its operation time goes up to eight hours. The integrated LED light can use one of the seven available colors or switch between them.

However, the Arctic Air has received quite a lot of negative reviews from many unhappy users– beware!

Why choose a personal mini air conditioner rather than a portable AC or fixed AC unit?

Here is why a personal mini air cooler can be a great alternative to purchasing a traditional AC unit.

Personal air cooler benefits

If you still haven’t set your mind on purchasing a small portable air conditioner for personal use, here is the list of benefits that can help you make the right decision:

  • Reduce costs, but keep the area cool – why would you waste your money on cooling the entire home? Instead, a mini air conditioner allows you to focus on the area around you to reduce utility bills.
  • A portable product – whether you are heading camping, or you want to turn a unit in a mini AC for car, personal air coolers (desktop-sized ones) are ideal. You can use them on the go as long as you have a portable battery charger.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of space – these units are both compact and light. They do not take much room, and moving them is easily done in a couple of seconds.
  • Plug-and-play and user-friendly – for a window-mounted AC unit, you need to comply with all the local regulations and building rules, and you need a special installation. However, there are no restrictions for using a personal air cooler, and all you have to do is fill up the water tank (no drilling, ducts, or hoses).

Limits of personal air coolers

There is no such thing as a perfect product, and personal space coolers have some limitations, too. Here are their main disadvantages:

  • They can get noisy – it is important to note that the noise level varies from one unit to another. However, even the best portable air conditioner can be noisy, especially if you adjusted it to the highest speed.
  • Limited cooling capacity – the cooling surface varies depending on the cooler, but most of them are really just for your personal space (a radius of a few meters). You definitely can’t cool multiple rooms unless you use more than one mini cooler.
  • You need to monitor the water tank level – most tanks will keep the device running for hours. However, you should monitor the water level and refill when necessary. The good news is that some products have an indicator that will inform you when the water level is low.
  • Not adapted to humid climates – the evaporative air cooling process doesn’t work very well in humid areas. They are best for dry climates.

Personal air conditioner buying guide: how to choose the best mini AC for you?

It is not easy to find the ideal personal space cooler for your needs. That is why we prepared a buying guide that will help you make a smart decision.

Cooling area

Personal air coolers are mostly focused on cooling down space around you. However, the cooling surface may vary depending on the unit:

  • Desktop mini air coolers generally cool the air within 1 to 5 square meters (10 to 50-foot radius)
  • Larger, portable evaporative air coolers tend to have a bigger reach, cooling around 40 to 50 square meters (400 to 500-foot radius)

Manufacturers generally list the cooling capacity of their air cooler in the product description.

Operating time on one tank

The longer the cooler can last on a single tank, the less time you spend refilling it! The operating time on a single tank varies depending on the unit and the tank capacity.

It also depends on which mode you set your personal cooler on; if it’s always set on its highest (most powerful) mode, it will use up the water more quickly. In any case, the chances are that it will last at least several hours.

If this is an important feature to you, you should check the unit’s tank capacity or specified operation time. Additionally, you can take a look at how many pints or liters per hour of water the cooler utilizes.

Extra features

Apart from the main features, here are some additional factors to keep in mind when purchasing a personal air cooler:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity – it gives you a unique option to control the unit remotely. In most cases, you will do the controlling part via a mobile app.
  • LED color lighting – on some units, they only serve to indicate that the unit is running. However, some coolers also have multiple colors available (ambient color lighting), and you can use them as a lamp when it is dark.
  • Water level indicator – it will tell you how much water is left in the tank and when you need to refill it. Some coolers notify you via sound notification or a push notification on your smartphone when the tank is empty.




Evaporative cooler and mini air conditioner FAQ

Do all AC units need to be vented out of a window?

Only fixed AC units should be vented out of a window. Portable air conditioners do not require this, which makes them far more convenient for personal use.

Desktop air conditioner: where to buy? How much is a mini air conditioner?

The most convenient way to buy desktop air conditioners is to head online and order a delivery to your doorstep. You can visit online stores like Amazon.

The price varies depending on the unit. The cheapest personal air conditioners can cost only a couple dozen dollars. The more expensive units can cost a few hundred dollars.

What is the best personal air conditioner? What is the best personal air cooler?

Any personal air conditioner or cooler that can match your expectations is the best one for you. VANTAKOOL Personal Air Conditioner Fan can be a smart choice for a personal air cooler, but you can also consider other units from our overview.

Do personal air coolers work?

Yes, personal air coolers work like a charm. Furthermore, they can keep you cool while cutting energy costs. They evaporate air and turn warm air into the cold air to reduce the temperature in the room.

How can I cool my apartment without AC? Is it safe to use air cooler?

You can use a combination of several air coolers to cool your apartment safely and without an AC unit. Alternatively, you can buy a portable air cooler and move it between rooms depending on which unit you want to cool down.

What is the smallest air conditioner you can buy?

HALOFUN 4 in 1 Small Personal USB Air Cooler is the smallest air conditioner on the market and does a decent job in cooling down space around you.

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