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Go!SCAN SPARK: effortless and reliable 3D scanning

Fast and reliable: Creaform unveils the Go!SCAN SPARK

Creaform introduces its new Go!SCAN SPARK!

Latest 3D scanner from the Go!SCAN 3D line-up, the SPARK is Creaform’s most user-friendly scanner. Conceived to be as simple to use as possible, the Go!SCAN SPARK allows to scan any object without any set-up required. It offers flawless texture and geometry acquisition as well as impressive details in a rich color palette.

Fast and easy-to-use
As Creaform’s fastest scanning technology, the Go!SCAN SPARK can scan most objects in mere minutes and integrate them into a wide range of compatible software, ideal for professional in need of efficient tools. User-friendly as can be, the SPARK is designed to allow even complete beginners to scan objects without requiring any preparation. An instant preview shows what is left to capture in real-time.

High-quality scanning
The Go!SCAN SPARK offers high-resolution (0.100 mm), twice the accuracy (up to 0.05 mm) compared to the previous generation as well as full support of color to generate amazingly precise and reliable results. With dynamic referencing, both the object and scanner can be moved freely during scanning without affecting the result!

Weighing only 1.25kg (2.7 lb) and fitting in a suitcase, the Go!SCAN SPARK can be taken anywhere it is needed.

Go!SCAN SPARK features

High level of details

Accuracy up to 0.050 mm (0.0020 in)

Color acquisition

No set-up required

Worldwide support

Patented technology

Go!SCAN SPARK technical specs

Up to 0.050 mm (0.0020 in)
Volumetric accuracy
0.050 mm + 0.150 mm/m (0.0020 in + 0.0018 in/ft)
0.100 mm (0.0039 in)
Measurement Rate
1,500,000 measurements/s
Part size range (recommended)
0.1–4 m (0.3–13 ft)


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