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How we work



The metascore

We’ve developed our own rating system, designed to provide a fair and balanced assessment of the products we cover.

Our metascore is an index based on product ratings from trusted third-party sources selected by our content team.

To calculate our metascores, we curate reviews for each of the product categories we cover, from industry experts’ opinions to crowdsourced ratings. The result: a product rating our users can trust.


Our methodology

We collect technical specs and product information from manufacturers, monitoring the market daily for the latest product releases and updates.

We do this ourselves, manually, to ensure the data is always accurate and relevant. We normalize this data to make it easily searchable through our comparison tools.

We strive to provide honest and complete overviews of products we cover, based on our team’s research, community feedback, and first-hand experience when possible.

Product reviews

We test and review products in-house following our independent testing protocol. We do our best to bring the necessary context to our ratings and reviews to make sure these are as fair and balanced as possible.

We realize a rating will never fully reflect the value of a product but hope that our experience and insights will help our readers decide for themselves.

We never charge for a review or accept compensation but always ask manufacturers to cover the shipping and return costs of the test units they send.


These are some of the general criteria we use to filter through hundreds of products and provide useful hardware selections. We use these when relevant and possible– they do not apply to all product types and categories.


An active online community as well as a reliable customer service are definitely elements that we look into. We also assess the feedback from users, partners, YouTube channels, and websites.


Some of the products featured in our hand-picked selections have earned awards. We take awards into consideration when creating our lists.



When possible, we favor products that have been reviewed at least once on YouTube. This helps users get a better overview of the product and an almost hands-on experience. Also, YouTubers often give valuable tips and advice.