April 2022

“⏰ Time to look back on last month’s AM product announcements!

There have been busier months, but April was nonetheless active with several announcements in the resin AM sector.

💧 3D Systems Corporation namely introduced a huge SLA build volume of 750 × 750 × 550 mm, and Nexa3D further diversified its high-speed printer range with a more affordable solution for designers and engineers.

🦾 On another note, 3D printer distributor Evo3D announced interesting packages, bundling up KUKA arms, Ai Build software, and Dyze Design pellet extruders. Smart!

French manufacturer COSMYX 3D (which, via parent company VS Projects, backs exciting nonprofit projects) also launched a bigger version of the successful Nova 3D printer, the Super Nova.” Posted by Aniwaa on LinkedIn.

AM Product Releases in April 2022.

Featured brands: Velo3D, 3D Systems, Nexa3D, Peopoly, Phrozen, Evo 3D, Cosmyx, BFW.

March 2022

“Time to look at last month’s AM product releases! What happened in March? 👀

🌊 Teu2tec GmbH announced a pellet-based robotic 3D printing arm that can 3D print underwater!

🔀 After simplifying the envisionTEC GmbH lineup under a new brand called Desktop Health, Desktop Metal did the same with ExOne’s metal 3D printers (their sand BJ printers are still under the ExOne brand.)

💎 Shining3D launched the FreeScan UE Pro, a metrology-grade laser 3D scanner that now features integrated photogrammetry.” Posted by Aniwaa on LinkedIn.

AM Product Releases in March 2022.

Featured brands: Teu2tec, Desktop Metal, EPSON, Dentsply Sirona, kurtz ersa, ANYCUBIC, B9 Creations, Shining 3D, PostProcess Technologies, AddUp.

February 2022

“With 15 product launches, the pulse of the AM industry is picking up a bit after a very quiet January.

Some key facts:

🛠️ Desktop Metal keeps executing on its aggressive M&A strategy with the release of the Einstein Series dental 3D printers (upgraded EnvisionTEC solutions, released under the Desktop Health brand) and the commercial launch of their much anticipated P-50 production system.

🇯🇵 Japanese giant conglomerate Mitsubishi announced the AZ600, an industrial-grade metal AM system based on DED print technology.

🌐 Artec introduced the latest version of its flagship Leo, a powerful and versatile handheld 3D scanner (fully wireless).

Our team is always on the lookout for product announcements to keep our marketplace up to date.” Posted by Martin on LinkedIn.

AM Product Releases in February 2022.

Featured brands: Desktop Health, AMESOS, eazao, Fluicell, Vision Miner, Fusion3, HeyGears, Mitsubishi Electric, Desktop Metal, Conflux, Viaccess-Orca, Senvol, B9Creations, Artec3D.

January 2022

“While the AM industry is a bit dormant now– especially after all the formnext fever and holiday season– it’s been a pivotal moment for the resin 3D printer market. Formlabs and Carbon both revamped their flagship series, respectively releasing the Form 3+ and M3.

The microfabrication industry also welcomed two new micro 3D printers from Nanoscribe and Multiphoton Optics.

Last but not least, Eplus3D added another large build volume to their metal PBF lineup, and PostProcess Technologies introduced their VORSA support removal machine for FDM parts.” Posted by Aniwaa on LinkedIn.

AM Product Releases in January 2022.

Featured brands: Formlabs, Eplus3D, Multiphoton Optics, Nanoscribe, Carbon, PostProcess Technologies.