AON3D, a leader in high-temperature additive manufacturing solutions, announced the release of their new line of high-performance materials. “AON3D Readyprint™ Filaments are industrial-grade materials optimized for out-of-the-box printing”, said Chief Product Officer and AON3D Co-Founder, Kevin Han, “Our goal is to remove the hassles of sourcing, conditioning, and tuning process parameters to get high-quality results with high-performance materials”

AON3D Readyprint filament (Source: AON3D)

The Complexities of Open Material Industrial Systems

Since its inception in 2015, AON3D has been committed to bringing a true open-material ethos to industrial 3D printing. Their new line of Readyprint™ Filaments will remove the inherent complexities of industrial open material printing without locking down configurability or pricey open material license fees. Normally the process of finding quality suppliers, drying materials on arrival, sometimes a six-hour process that is usually left to customers to perform, and creating process parameters can culminate in days, if not weeks, of lost productivity. 

AON3D Readyprint filament in its box (Source: AON3D)

Readyprint™ Makes Open Industrial a Seamless Experience

Readyprint™ filaments are sourced from high-quality vendors with rigorous quality management processes. The materials receive additional factory drying and are packaged so that they are ready to print right out of the box. Lastly, pre-configured process parameters provide a jumping-off point that engineers can further optimize for desired properties such as strength, print quality, print speed, lightweighting, minimizing post-processing, and more.

To start, Readyprint™ filament options include:

  • ABS, ESD ABS, and Carbon Fiber ABS
  • ASA
  • HIPS
  • PC
  • PEI 9085
  • Amorphous PEKK
  • PPSU
  • PETG and Carbon Fiber PETG
  • 92A TPU
Different AON3D Readyprint filaments (Source: AON3D)

AON3D X Kimya Collaboration

AON3D’s new line of Readyprint™ Filaments is a collaboration project with Kimya, who develops materials with the world’s major chemical companies including Arkema, Solvay, and Sabic. Benoit Stoeux, CEO at Kimya, states: “We are proud to start this partnership with AON3D to propose this optimized package with engineered filaments for industrial printers. This aims to make high-performance polymers more accessible with AON3D’s platform.