The 3D Systems DMP 8500 is an industrial additive manufacturing platform made by 3D Systems, a well-known US manufacturer.

This 3D printing system uses DMP 3D printing technology, short for Direct Metal Printing. DMP technology enables industrial professionals to produce high-quality, complex metal parts from CAD models. A powerful, precise laser selectively fuses metal powder particles together– objects are formed layer after layer.

3D Systems DMP 8500 main features

  • Vacuum system: to provide an environment with the least amount of O2 possible.
  • Removable print modules (RPM): a removable print module enables easy part removal.
  • Transport modules: to maximize production and workflow efficiency.
  • Powder management modules (PMM): to efficiently de-powder parts, while recycling left-over powder.
  • 3DXpert software: this 3D Systems proprietary software comes with the DMP 8500.

3D Systems DMP 8500 price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this industrial additive manufacturing system.

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