The 3DGence Industry is a fully featured professional-grade FFF 3D printer by 3DGence, a Polish manufacturer. This manufacturer previously launched the 3DGence ONE, a desktop 3D printer targeting consumers.

The 3DGence Industry provides optimal 3D printing conditions for professional applications; not only does it feature a heated printing chamber, it also offers a heated filament chamber for controlled humidity levels. 3DGence produces their own proprietary filament for high quality 3D prints. It is possible to print two materials at a time thanks to its double nozzle extruder system.

3DGence Industry top features

  • Double hot-end extruder: this 3D printer can 3D print plastic filament (ABS, PET) and support filament (HIPS), changing between the two nozzles in just 700ms.
  • NFC reader: the 3DGence Industry will always know what filament it is printing thanks to the NFC reader and the chips placed in its proprietary filament spools.
  • Heated filament chamber: for optimal filament humidity levels.
  • Smart Material Manager: heat and other parameters are set automatically according to the detected filament.
  • Material feed control: an encoder system placed on the extruder monitors the filament feed.

3DGence Industry price

The 3DGence Industry is available at $29,999.

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is an updated version of this 3D printer.