Allevi Allevi 1 overview

The Allevi 1 is a 3D bioprinter by Allevi, a manufacturer from the US previously known as BioBots.

The Allevi 1 features a small footprint all while boasting one of the widest material capabilities on the 3D bioprinter market. It comes with Allevi’s patented CORE print head, which has a temperature range of 4°C to 160°C as well as Blue Light (405 nm) and UV Light (365 nm) photocrosslinkers.

The print head is also exchangeable, allowing users to swap heads as future print heads are released. Additionally, the Allevi 1 offers auto-calibration for glass slides, petri dishes and well-plate printing.

Allevi 1 main features

  • Biomaterial printing: Hydrogels, Bioceramics, Silicones, Thermoplastics, Cells, etc.
  • Extruder heating and cooling: Temperature range of 4°C – 160°C

Allevi 1 price

Please contact us to obtain a quote for this bioprinter.

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