The BLB Industries THE BOX is a large volume professional 3D printer made by BLB Industries, a manufacturer based in SwedenThis professional 3D printer uses “FGF” (Fused Granular Fabrication) technology to 3D print parts from granulates.

The main material for this large volume 3D printer is ABS. However, other thermoplastic materials are compatible as long as they are in pellet form.

BLB Industries is now The Industry.

BLB Industries THE BOX main features

  • High-quality linear motion modules: THE BOX boasts motion modules from Rexroth (Bosch) which ensure the overall good quality and sturdiness of the 3D printer.
  • Multiple nozzles: for 3D printing using varying thickness.
  • High 3D printing speeds: THE BOX is capable of 3D printing up to 6 kg per hour.

BLB Industries THE BOX price

BLB Industries manufactures custom large volume 3D printers according to users’ specific needs. Build volumes can reach 2500 x 1500 x 1500 mm, for example.

Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

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