Builder Extreme 1000 overview

The Builder Extreme 1000 is a professional 3D printer made by Builder, a manufacturer based in the Netherlands. The  Builder Extreme 1000 has a dual-feed extruder, meaning that it can combine two different filament colors or materials.

This 3D printer can reach a maximum 3D printing speed of 120 mm/s.

Builder also manufactures the Builder Premium Large and the Builder Extreme 2000.

Builder Extreme 1000 main features

  • Multiple nozzle diameters: three nozzles of 0.4, 0.8 and 1.2 mm are available.
  • Heated bed: with a maximum temperature of 60° C.
  • IP camera: the Builder Extreme 1000 includes a camera, enabling users to view the 3D printing process remotely.
  • Durability: this professional 3D printer can continuously 3D print for up to 300 hours.
  • Wi-Fi: to control the 3D printer from a distance.
  • Controller board subsystem located inside the enclosure:  prevents dust particles from interfering with the 3D print quality.
  • Spool holder: the 3D printer can hold up to two spools of 4,5 kg.
  • Filament detection system: warns users when the filament runs out.

Builder Extreme 1000 price

The manufacturer price of this professional 3D printer is around $19,960 (MSRP €16,995).