Cetus3D 3D printer overview

The Cetus3D 3D printer is an affordable 3D printer made by Cetus3D, a manufacturer based in China. Cetus3D is a subsidiary of Beijing Tiertime Technology LTD.

The Cetus3D 3D printer is a very simple product, lightweight and portable. However, it offers a very interesting build volume to footprint ratio, thanks to its clever design. This 3D printer works wirelessly and comes with a control application for smartphones.

In the package three different nozzles are included: the default 0.4 mm, but also one 0.6 mm and one 0.2 mm. It is also easy to upgrade the Cetus3D by extending its Z axis (a $130 option).

According to the manufacturer the non-heated print bed does not require leveling as it is directly attached to the moving X axis of the 3D printer. This technical solution can rise some concern about how to deal with any potential issue that could happen (twisted aluminum plate or not perfectly flat table).

Cetus3D 3D printer price

The Cetus3D manufacturer price is $299.