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AMSS Metal 3D Printer CoLiDo

AMSS Metal 3D Printer CoLiDo - 3D printers
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Basic specs Price: $ 10,000 — $ 50,000
Model AMSS Metal 3D Printer
Brand CoLiDo (see all products)
Category Professional
Topic Metal 3D printing (see all articles)
Technology Extrusion
Material Metal
Build volume 170 × 170 × 255 mm
Release date 2017
Country China

CoLiDo AMSS Metal 3D Printer review

The CoLiDo AMSS Metal 3D printer is an affordable metal additive manufacturing system for professionals. CoLiDo, a brand that usually manufactures desktop 3D printers, is based in China with headquarters in the US and the UK.

This affordable metal 3D printer targets small businesses and start-ups. Indeed, according to CoLiDo, the AMSS is 20% less expensive than other major metal 3D printing systems.

AMSS metal 3D printing technology

CoLiDo’s proprietary AMSS 3D printing technology is somewhat similar to FDM/FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication). AMSS stands for Additive Manufacturing Selective Sintering.


To 3D print metal objects, the AMSS Metal 3D Printer uses specific metal filament that contains a binding agent. The maximum build size, at this stage, is 200 x 200 x 300 mm.


Then, when the actual 3D printing is complete, the object must go through a high-temperature de-binding process to remove the binder material.


After that, the object goes through another high-temperature process: sintering. This makes the object more compact, as the missing binder leaves small spaces after de-binding. The maximum build size therefore shrinks to 170 x 170 x 225 mm.


Finally, to make metal 3D printed objects smoother, users can choose to post-process them. This step is optional, but for end-use parts it may be useful as the objects have a rather rough surface.

AMSS Metal 3D Printer main features

  • Constant temperature: this 3D printer maintains a specific temperature inside its build chamber.
  • Nozzle cleaning system: for smooth metal filament extrusion.
  • Filament sensor: the AMSS will stop 3D printing if it detects a break in filament or if it runs out.
  • Power resume: in case of a power failure, the 3D printer is able to continue where it last left off.

CoLiDo AMSS Metal 3D Printer price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a price for this 3D printer. Separate de-binding and sintering systems are required and are also available from CoLiDo.

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AMSS Metal 3D Printer CoLiDo


Model AMSS Metal 3D Printer
Manufacturer CoLiDo
Price $ 10,000 — $ 50,000
Release date 2017
Country China
Status Available
Category Professional
Technology Extrusion
Material Metal


Max. build size 170 × 170 × 255 mm
Max. build volume 7.37 L
Max. temperatures
Build chamber
Build plate
Min. layer thickness 0.1 mm
XY accuracy 0.011 mm
Max. print speed


Dimensions 600 × 530 × 1500 mm
Weight 100 kg
Nozzle diameter(s) 0.4 mm
Filament diameter
Power input


Heated print bed
Dual extruder
Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX)
Multiple extruders (3+)
Pellet extruder
Full color
Conveyor belt
Hybrid manufacturing
Freeform (robotic arm)


SD card Yes
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