DediBot OAM Fly Elephant overview

The DediBot OAM Fly Elephant is a delta 3D printer attached to a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) made by DediBot, a manufacturer based in China.

The OAM (Open-ended Additive Manufacturing) 3D printer is a flying 3D printer hence it as attached to a drone. According to the manufacturer, the concept 3D printer is meant to be used in swarms, thus it is capable of 3D printing unlimited structures.

DediBot claims the 3D printer is, therefore, able to:

  • Extrude a concrete mix in midair to construct large buildings
  • 3D print large equipment and structures in a zero-gravity environment
  • 3D print underwater

DediBot OAM Fly Elephant price

Please contact the manufacturer for the price of the DediBot OAM Flying Elephant.

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