EliteImageworks Deep Imager 5 Pro overview

The Deep Imager 5 is a professional 3D printer made by Elite Imageworks, a manufacturer based in the USA.

The Deep Imager 5 from Elite Imageworks is a 3D printer utilizing DLP technology (SLA). Deep Imager 5 uses UV based resin to build 3D models. The Deep Imager 5 has an interesting build volume of 195 x 109.7 x 254 cm, useful to produce large prints in a production environment.

The Elite Imageworks Deep Imager 5 is compatible with .3DS, .STL, .OBJ and .AMF files and has a very interesting performance to cost ratio. On this Deep Imager 5 Pro version it is possible to chose the most fitting 3D print resolution from a set (from 30 μm to 100 μm), depending if the the speed or print quality is the dominant factor.

The Elite Imageworks Deep Imager 5 Pro is equipped with a proprietary operating software called MantisRP.

In option, for $1,000, the Elite Imageworks Deep Imager 5 Pro can be delivered with a specific laptop with all the software pre-installed and optimized for the 3D printer.