Geeetech Giantarm D200 overview

The Giantarm D200 is a desktop 3D printer made by Geeetech, a manufacturer based in China. In addition, the Geeetech Giantarm D200 features a decent-sized build volume of 300 x 180 x 180 mm.

Furthermore, the Giantarm D200 is a cloud 3D printer meaning that it can access thousands of 3D models through a specialised cloud-based platform remotely.

Finally, other 3D printers by Geeetech include the Delta Rostock mini G2S pro and the Prusa I3 pro B (Kit).

Geeetech Giantarm D200 main features

  • Smartphone compatibility: the Giantarm D200 can be controlled with a smartphone using a mobile app through Wi-Fi.
  • Status notifications: the 3D printer also alerts the user when the filament runs out or breaks as well as when the 3D printing process is finished.
  • Heated bed: allowing ABS 3D printing.
  • Touchscreen: offers better control over the 3D printing process.

Geeetech Giantarm D200 price

The manufacturer price of the Giantarm D200 is $899 (see on Amazon).

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