GeSim BioScaffolder 2.1 overview

The GeSim BioScaffolder 2.1 is a 3D bioprinter made by GeSiM. This company is a supplier of instrumentation and services for low-volume liquid handling and microfluidics based in Germany. GeSiM was created in 1995.

Bioprinting is the precise depositing of biomaterials such as cells, proteins, bacteria and bio-gels in 2D or 3D. This technology can be used as a tool in high-throughput applications, or to mimic biological systems that are more closer and accurate to the actual living systems for research, testing and diagnosis.

The GeSim BioScaffolder 2.1 is a modular instrument platform with up to four independent z-axes for running several dispensing tools ideally suited to fabricate bio-scaffolds in which differentiable cells can be seeded. The print head of the GeSim Bioscaffolder 2.1 operates up to three pneumatic dispense cartridges for 3D printing high-viscous paste, along with a piezoelectric Nanoliter pipetting unit in option. Each tool is controlled by separate z-stepper motors.

Individual configurations of the GeSim BioScaffolder 2.1 starting with a single axis pneumatic dispenser are available. GeSim also offers postsales upgrades.