HAGE 175X overview

The HAGE 175X is a 5-axis 3D printer made by HAGE, a manufacturer from Austria.

This additive manufacturing system’s build plate moves on 5 axes according to the 3D model, eliminating the need for support structures. Also, since the layers are not parallel, the parts are stronger.

175X main features

  • 3-axis or 5-axis 3D printing: professionals can choose between two different 3D printing modes. The maximum build size with the 5-axis mode is 500 x 500 x 450 mm.
  • High-temperature print bed: this 3D printer’s build plate can reach up to 110°C.
  • Automatic bed leveling: the 175X automatically levels its print bed.
  • Fast 3D printing: it is possible to 3D print up to 150 mm/s.

HAGE 175X price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this 3D printer.

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