HORI Z1000 overview

The Z1000 is a large-volume professional 3D printer made by HORI, a manufacturer based in China. The HORI Z1000 features a massive build size of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm.

Other 3D printers by HORI include the HORI Z500 and the HORI Z300.

Z1000 main features

  • Dual extruder: ideal for 3D printing using two different colors or materials.
  • Closed frame: for a controlled 3D printing environment.
  • Filament sensor: detects when the filament breaks or needs replacement.
  • Heated build envelope: it can maintain a maximum temperature of 50℃, for better overall 3D print quality.
  • Touchscreen: for better control over the 3D printing process.

HORI Z1000 price

The manufacturer price of the Z1000 is approximately $40,000.