iNSTONE MINI overview

The iNSTONE MINI is a compact desktop 3D printer made by iNSTONE, a manufacturer based in China.

This lightweight and portable 3D printer comes as a do-it-yourself kit that users have to assemble. Also, its nozzle temperature goes up to 240°C.

MINI main features

  • iNSTONE 1.2: iNSTONE offers its own proprietary software, but the 3D printer is also compatible with other standard slice softwares: Simplify 3D, Microsoft 3D Builder, Slice3r, Skeinforge and CURA.
  • Easy calibration: users can calibrate their MINI 3D printer in 6 steps.
  • Customer service: a customer service is available online 24/7.


The MINI is available at the manufacturer price of $400 and comes with a 250g roll of PLA filament. The iNSTONE MINI is available on Amazon.