The INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 610 HT is a large volume PEEK 3D printer made by INTAMSYS, a manufacturer based in China.

INTAMSYS specializes in developing high-temperature 3D printers meant to 3D print with high-performance materials. Such materials include, for example, PEEK, PEI (ULTEM), and PEKK. The FUNMAT PRO 610 HT is also compatible with composite materials, including carbon, metal, and glass-filled filaments.

This type of 3D printer is destined for use where strong, resistant, and lightweight prototypes or end-use parts are required.

FUNMAT PRO 610 HT: high-temperature features

  • Dual extruder (500°C): both nozzles are able to heat up to 500°C.
  • Heated chamber (300°C): the build area can be maintained at an internal temperature of 300°C maximum.
  • High-temperature build plate (300°C): this printer’s build plate can heat up to 300°C.
  • Filament chamber (70°C): the heated filament chamber helps ensure materials are properly ready for 3D printing.

FUNMAT PRO 610 HT: other features

  • High-temperature elements to prevent warping: as mentioned above, this 3D printer is equipped high-temperature extruders, chamber, and build plate. This helps prevent warping, especially when dealing with complex engineering materials such as PEEK.
  • Large build volume: it is uncommon to see such a big build volume when it comes to high-temperature 3D printers.
  • Auto-cleaning nozzles: the printer boasts an automatic cleaning station for its dual nozzles, for cleaner prints.
  • Filament detection: this system warns the operator when there is no more filament left. This also works in case of filament jams.
  • Water and active air cooling: ensures ideal temperatures and prevents overheating.


This industrial-grade 3D printer for high-performance materials is available between $120,000 and $150,000. Please contact us to obtain a quote for the 610 HT.

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