The FUNMAT is a professional 3D printer made by INTAMSYS, a manufacturer based in Shanghai, China.

A more powerful version of this 3D printer is available for producing high-temperature materials such as PEI, PEEK and Ultem; the FUNMAT HT.


The FUNMAT 3D printer targets the “prosumer” market and offers a number of characteristics usually limited to industrial-grade machines, such as:

  • Insulated chamber: allows to 3D print standard (generic) filaments without warping issues.
  • Filament absent warning: prevents failed prints and triggers a warning when 3D filament runs out.
  • Built-in surveillance camera: allows a remote monitoring of the printing process.

In addition, the INTAMSYS FUNMAT extruder can reach temperatures up to 280°C. With its build plate capable of operating in the temperature range of 100°C – 150°C this 3D printer is able to produce high quality parts in various plastic materials.

The FUNMAT is pretty quiet with a volume between 55db and 59db in operation.


The FUNMAT includes a license for I-Suit, a proprietary software designed by by INTAMSYS. This 3D printer is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.