JGAURORA A7 overview

The JGAURORA A7 is a desktop 3D printer made by JGAURORA, a Chinese manufacturer.

This large volume 3D printer boasts a metal frame and a removable magnetic nozzle. This nozzle can reach a temperature of up to 300°C.

A7 main features

  • Automatic bed leveling: avoids time-consuming manual calibration.
  • Removable heated print bed: the print bed is able to heat up to 110°C, therefore allowing to 3D print demanding materials such as ABS.
  • Resume printing management: this function allows to resume the 3D printing process after an interruption, for example in case of power failure.
  • Filament run out detection: notifies the user when the 3D printer is running out of material.
  • Touchscreen: for a more intuitive user experience.


This large volume 3D printer is available at the price of $1,990 (see on GearBest).

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