Kudo3D Bean overview

The Kudo3D Bean is an affordable desktop SLA 3D printer by Kudo3D, a manufacturer from the US.

Unlike its predecessors, the Kudo3D Bean is not on the high-accuracy level that professionals may seek. This entry-level SLA 3D printer is suitable for basic home and office use while still attaining a very reasonable accuracy of 0.05mm- a great price-to-performance ratio.

The Bean desktop 3D printer uses an LCD screen as its light source, making it less energy-consuming and giving it a longer lifespan. Kudo3D delivers the Bean ready to use, and its build platform is self-leveling.

Although users have the possibility to choose between four proprietary resins, the Bean tolerates generic material.

Kudo3D Bean price

The Bean is at the manufacturer price of $1,200.

Kudo3D also manufactures the FAB, the Titan 1, and the Titan 2.