Microlay DentalFab overview

The DentalFab is a professional desktop 3D printer made by Microlay, a manufacturer based in Spain.

The Microlay DentalFab dental 3D printer is specially designed to bring 3D printing to dentistry professionals. It uses a Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing technology to photocure liquid resin, layer after layer to build 3D objects dedicated to te dental market. Its speed, accuracy, resolution and compactness make it perfect for any kind of dental lab. Its exclusive Microlay software is designed to make even the trickiest jobs easy, and anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to its UV filtered light and Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) projector, the DentalFab is able to print with a resolution of 50 microns in the horizontal XY plane and 10 microns in the vertical Z plane.

The Microlay DentalFab can be operated autonomously with 3D files from a USB flash drive or via WiFi connection from PC or Mac.

In just a few hours, it is possible to obtain surgical guides, models and castable prosthetics. Another huge advantage of the Microlay DentalFab is its ability to 3D print temporary biocompatible pieces.

Microlay DentalFab features

The main technical characteristics of the Microlay DentalFab are :

  • Anodized aluminum finishes: Microlay has chosen aluminum with a nice anodized finish as the material for both the printing surface and the bucket of the DentalFab. This minimizes the natural wear of the parts in contact with the resin, and enables considerable savings on replacements.
  • 7” Touchscreen and integrated camera: The Microlay DentalFab is equipped with a large 7″ touch screen with a clean and intuitive interface for handling routine procedures. It is simple to load the digital 3D files (STL, SLC, ZIP are accepted), to select a profile to match the specific resin material and then to directly hit the 3D print button. Another useful feature of this affordable dental 3D printer is the monitoring camera fitted below the bucket.
  • WIFI Connectivity: The Microlay DentalFab has a web interface in order to be monitored and controlled through either a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
  • Integrated Post-processing chamber: Once the 3D parts are printed with the light-cured resin, they require post-processing before use. Thanks to its integrated post-processing chamber equipped with two 18W (9W+9W) UV-365nm +405nm led lamps,  the Microlay DentalFab simplifies the whole process.
  • SmartLift Technology: Print managing is one of the Microlay DentalFab competitive advantages. Using complex formulas, it manages the 3D printing process smartly and efficiently and optimizes the 3D printing time (speeding it up to 400%).
  • Untethered Printing: The Microlay DentalFab doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer because it already has one integrated. Its two SBC enable internal layering and smart 3D print management, thus removing the need for expensive printing software licenses.
  • Dual membrane FlexVat technology: The bucket of the Microlay DentalFab is made from a Rig-Flex dual membrane with FEP and PMMA. This allows acceleration of the 3D printing process and easy detachment of individual layers. It also ensures a plane base and repeatability of the initial layers, which are critical.
  • Compatible with most of  the resins from third party manufacturers: The filtered UV light source guarantees compatibility with most of the resins in the market, including 365 and 405 nm resins and the white and transparent resins which are problematic with other printers. Compatible resin brands include Detax, Envisionlab, Nextdent, Funtodo, Shera, SpotA and B9.

Microlay DentalFab dental applications

The Microlay DentalFab is dedicated to dental applications, including the manufacturing of the following parts:

– Drill Guides: 3D print surgical guides from your clinic.

– Temporal Bridges and Crowns: Nextdent C&B resins allow you to print temporary biocompatible bridges and crowns that can be left in the mouth for up to a month and can even be color matched.

– Models: The DentalFab is compatible with a large number of resins including the NextDent, Detax and Envisiontec ranges. This 3D printer can 3D print up to 6 models at once.

– Bases

– Bite Splint

– Invisible aligners

Microlay DentalFab price

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