Millebot MILLE LE overview

The MILLE LE is an industrial all-in-one 3D printer made by Millebot, a manufacturer based in the United States. The Millebot MILLE LE is not a common industrial 3D printer as it is built into a shipping container.

Furthermore, the MILLE LE features a massive build size 1600 x 3050 x 1600 mm, ideal for 3D printing very large objects or series of smaller objects.

Other 3D printers by Millebot include the MILLE HD and the MILLE XHD.

Millebot MILLE LE main features

  • CNC milling spindle: ideal for milling aluminum, wood, acrylics and plastics.
  • Plasma cutter: the MILLE LE features a plasma cutter, able to cut all kinds of metals such as stainless steel and copper.
  • Fiber laser cutter: for cutting, marking or engraving several materials.
  • Automatic tool change: for a quick selection of the appropriate tool-head.
  • Water-jet cutter: the MILLE LE features a high-pressure jet of water capable of cutting several materials.
  • Video monitoring: for monitoring the 3D printing process.
  • 4G hotspot: to connect the 3D printer to the internet if it is installed in an outside environment.

Millebot MILLE LE price

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