Monoprice Maker Select overview

The Monoprice Maker Select is a desktop 3D printer by Monoprice, a manufacturer from California, USA. The Monoprice brand belongs to Magicfirm.

This 3D printer has a very good price-to-performance value. The Maker Select is one of the most recommended products under $300 on Reddit forums. It is capable of 3D printing a lot of different materials with its heated print bed, such as: ABS-based, PLA-based, XT copolyester, PET,TPU, TPC, FPE, PVA, HIPS, Jelly, Foam and Felty.

The Maker Select includes 2GB microSD cards that include 3D models ready to print out of the box.

Monoprice also manufactures the MP Select Mini.

Monoprice Maker Select price

The Maker Select is available at $239 (see on Amazon.)

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