Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA overview

The Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA is an affordable desktop resin 3D printer made by Monoprice, a manufacturer with headquarters in the US.

This resin 3D printer uses an LCD screen to cure liquid resin.

Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA main features

  • Speed: the Mini Deluxe SLA resin 3D printer is able to vertically 3D print up to 30 mm per hour.
  • Automatic support generator: the slicing software that comes with this Monoprice 3D printer automatically generates support structures.
  • High resolution: users may 3D print with layers of up to 20 microns thin.
  • Removable resin vat: allows for easier cleaning and material handling.

Monoprice Mini Deluxe SLA price

This compact resin 3D printer is available at the manufacturer price of $199 (see on Amazon).

Monoprice also manufactures FDM 3D printers. Use our 3D printer comparison engine to find more Monoprice 3D printers.