Natural Robotics VIT SLS overview

The VIT SLS is a desktop SLS 3D printer from Natural Robotics, a Spanish manufacturer. The Natural Robotics VIT SLS uses Selective Laser Sintering technology to 3D print parts with powdered material.

Natural Robotics offers affordable selective laser sintering with the VIT SLS. This technology allows for quick yet detailed prototyping. Also, SLS enables 3D printing complex geometric shapes without the need for support structures.

The desktop SLS 3D printer VIT SLS provides a relatively big build volume for a desktop 3D printer.

Natural Robotics also manufactures the DELTA BLACK.

Natural Robotics VIT SLS main features

  • Speed: the VIT SLS can 3D print up to 20 mm per hour.
  • Standalone 3D printing: this SLS 3D printer doesn’t require a computer connection to work. Indeed, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 7-inch touchscreen: offers a friendly user experience.

Natural Robotics VIT SLS price

This desktop SLS 3D printer is at the manufacturer price of €11,000. The VIT SLS is designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

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