Nyomo Makyn 6 overview

The Nyomo Makyn 6 is a desktop 3D printer made by Nyomo, a manufacturer based in Hong-Kong.

The Makyn is available in three different versions, the Makyn 6 (very high XY resolution, very small build volume), the Makyn 9 (high XY resolution, small build volume) and the Makyn NX (ultra high XY resolution, ultra small build volume).

The Nyomo Makyn 6 is a compact desktop resin 3D printer. The Nyomo Makyn 6 uses a UV LED Light source (wavelengths between 385 nm and 405 nm) to selectively photocure liquid resin, in a 3D printing process similar to Stereolithography (SLA).

The Nyomo Makyn 6 offers a color touchscreen and a closed frame. It is compatible with over 10 different resins, including medical certification grade materials. The 3D printer is controlled by a Nyomo proprietary software called Unyk, available in two different versions, Unyk Professional and Unyk Express.

The Unyk software allows its users to 3D print parts that are both reliable and of high quality. For ease of use, several formats are available as output, including but not limited to STL, SLC, PLY, OBJ, PNG, and BMP.

Due to its small 3D print volume and very high Z resolution (up to 10 microns) the Nyomo Makyn 6 is a very good fit for dental, hearing aids and jewelry applications.